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August 1 2012 Annual Report for Uganda projects (PDF)

The Giving Circle Africa Projects:
Koi Koi House Wairaka Kagoma Gate Health Education Outreach Others
Our Africa Leadership Team

The Koi Koi House: The Giving Circle's Orphanage

UgandaThe Koi Koi house is located in BugembeUganda and the loving home to our 13 Koi Koi Kids.

The Koi Koi Parents are Bernard, Pauline & baby Denise (View video)

Watch a video of the Koi Koi children.
Please visit our blog to follow our progress.




Our Child sponsorship program:

Our wonderful child Sponsoring program for our Koi Koi kids and village children where you through your love and support give these children the gift of school fees, food and health care. (Visit)


Wairaka our home village:

Wairaka is our home village and future site of our main school, which will serve the 600 primary age children of the 12 tribes of Wairaka.


  • We own land and are seeking to expand buying more land to increase farming to support and feed our school when constructed. Our philosophy is that all our projects must be fully self-sustainable and self-supporting. 
  • In 2009 we drilled our well, this being only the 2nd well/ source of clean water in this village.
  • Construction of our farmers house- the Rafiki house.
  • Construction of our chicken house-piggery and latrine building.
  • Farming- fruit tree plantation- livestock raising/farming all used to support our school and its children once competed.
  • Our playground & soccer field http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A8nPl2VrBs
  • Our village store and home to 2 of our children and grands, a family destroyed by HIV/AIDS  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU5WvJT-5sc
  • Village Woman’s crafters business.
  • Brick & block production http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS-QQg8d8wM
  • Videos of our children of Wairaka

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5aFo9IamgQ singing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6j7Vuxb_3o Happy Thanksgiving
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rRBIEYVEQo  Christmas

Kagoma Gate Village: The forgotten people of Uganda.

Kagoma Gate is our 2nd village and one of great poverty and hardships. A village with no school no sanitation and little hope before we arrived. (View video)

We are working hard to bring to these wonderful people :

School sign

Our first school The Giving Circle Africa Friendship school Kagoma. The school construction is underway but we need your help to finish and bring the gift of education to this village’s children. Please buy bricks today and partner with us.

We are also bringing to this village:

  • Sanitation through 2 pit latrine buildings.
  • A birthing and health building for a clean and sanitary refuge to bring new life to this village’s woman.

Already completed:


Pad Program:

What would YOU do if you were a girl who has no access to feminine hygiene products? Or what if your total family income was $1 a day and your family could not afford $3 a month to buy pads because they are a luxury item? What if you had no way to dispose of your used pads? In our villages girls use bark or mud or plastic bags or wet newspaper rolls. Some dig holes and sit in the chigger infested sand. Infections are common. After missing 50 days of school a year, many drop out and marry at an early age, their dreams of becoming a nurse or teacher gone forever.

Reusable, durable flannel pads give these girls a key to pursuing their dreams for an education. Pads can be made by anyone - women helping women all around the world. TGC delivers the pads to African villages in conjunction with health and hygiene classes. We also teach the girls how to make their own pads by hand or using the sewing machines donated by TGC. This sustainable project makes a big difference in the educational opportunities for these young village girls.

Read a personal perspective on the pad project .

Visiting Doctors:

Doctors and medical experts  from the US making trips to our villages.


Our programs include our fun and educational programs at local school;

Busoha junior school:

  • Olympic fun day
  • Teaching classes
  • Special meals ( some children at Ugandan schools may only have a meal at school)
  • Upkeep. We have painted this school and are currently working on improving their well.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx83qw37VTY

Kara High school:

  • Olympic fun day
  • Teaching classes
  • Pad program for female students
  • Dance and movie night.& meal night.
  • Providing  laptops, sound system, educational tools.

Prison Outreach:

Working together with Jimmy Obbo, coordinator ANPPCAN Jinja branch and the Jinja woman’s prison administration we are working to improve the lives of the inmates and their children who live alongside them in the prison.

The prison currently houses 50 -70 inmates and 12-15 children.

Our 2011 outreach featured:

  • Blankets for inmates and children
  • Food-  including100 lb bags of rice, powdered drinks and tea
  • Footwear, soap, and personal care items.

Our 2012 outreach will feature:

  • Ten to fifteen mattresses for women currently must sleep on very cold cement floors
  • Our reusable sanitary pads for the women inmates
  • Sewing machines and lessons to use them.

The sewing machines will produce income for them while in prison through the pad sales and tailoring. That money will be used to purchase basic, but unprovided, needs for the women such as food and clothing for their children. These trade skills will be transferable to tangible employment opportunities in the local community as these women are released from prison and transition to a free life as breadwinners for their families.

Other Projects

Street child outreach programs:

Construction of new market stall for a the single mother of 3 of our ill sponsor children Andrew, Denis and Emma. (View video)

Bike program:

Bicycles for Uganda


Our The Giving Circle Africa in country leadership team

Africa Leadership Team

TGCA board Right to left:
Rose and Emma Walubi, Cecilia and Moses Wambi , Chris Mukisa Le Marinel and Yaseen.

The Giving Circle Africa board:
Founder Mark Bertrand, Moses Wambi, Emma Walubi
Co founders and US board: Kelly Bertrand, Denise Stasik & John Tamoshunas



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