Battling Bed Bugs

box-building-1Bed bugs have invaded Saratoga Springs.  They have caused major problems for many residents in several locations across the city.  Shelters of Saratoga (SOS) decided to be proactive.  This agency, through the provision of housing, services, referral, information and advocacy, strives to ensure that those in the greater Saratoga region who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have safe, affordable and secure places to live.

SOS developed an effective means to rid bed bugs by baking clothing and bedding at high enough temperature to kill the bugs and their eggs.  They asked The Giving Circle to help build a larger box that would be more effective for their needs.   A volunteer team constructed one large enough to sanitize matresses as well as the bedding.

Since then, The Giving Circle, with a grant from Saratoga Soroptmists, has built a similar box mounted on a trailer.  This portable “bed bug battle box” will be available to public agencies that experience outbreaks of this pests.

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