Child Sponsorship



As of Dec 2014 The Giving Circles sponsorship program has changed the lives of just fewer than 100 Ugandan children.

The gift of support provides so many basics for the children, so important improved health and their education including uniforms and books.

Sponsorship also helps the family unit. All children in our program have suffer the loss of one or both of their parents and are raised now by family members or elderly grandparents. This is a great strain on the guardians to feed, care for and school these children.

Sponsorship helps the whole family unit by freeing up very limited family funds improving food quality for all.

Sponsorship means so much to the children and their families including the great joy the feel knowing someone so far away loves and cares about them.

Please consider opening your heart and family to a very special child through sponsorship.

Click Here to Become a Child Sponsor