What your Sponsorship Provides

As a child sponsor, you are connected with a special child who will know your name, write to you and feel your tender love and compassion. Your monthly sponsorship gift will provide your child with:

• Nutritious food
• Health care
• Educational opportunities- Uniform, shoes, school supplies
$35 per month, sponsorship provides:
1. Schooling
2. Uniform, shoes, school supplies
3. Medical care for the child
4. Daily meals.

Now that you're a sponsor...

Can I write to my sponsored child?
can I e-mail my sponsored child?
Can I send packages to my sponsored child?
How do I Get My Tax Receipt?

• Can I write to my sponsored child?

Get to know your sponsored child more personally by exchanging letters with them. These are a few helpful tips:

It's important when writing to your child to consider his or her Ugandan culture and environment . Feel free to share things about your family, friends, and your interests. You can always include your photos which are very special to African children and will become treasure. Also nice are stickers and pictures of where you live.

It is best when you write not to write about things you own as our children have few things, but it is your love and letters that they will most cherish.

Address your letters to:

     Your Childs full name
     The Giving Circle Africa
     P.O. 107, Jinja, Uganda

Please do not enclose your monthly sponsorship gift or any cash with your correspondence. Please contact info@thegivingcircle.org if you wish to send a gift for advice on the correct procedure. Please follow these guidelines.

• can I e-mail my sponsored child?

At this time this is not possible.

• Can I send packages to my sponsored child?

No, that is not possible because the Uganda postal system charges a hefty fee for pickup of anything other than a letter.

If you would like to send a financial gift to your child, contact info@thegivingcircle.org and we would be happy to assist you. These funds would be placed in a savings account for that child.

Due to cost of wiring funds we ask any financial gift to your child be $50 or more.

• How do I Get My Tax Receipt?

Each December The Giving Circle will you a contribution receipt for your tax records pursuant to section 170(f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you do not receive this letter by January 1st of each year please contact info@thegivingcircle.org

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