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Midwife Project

The Giving Circle Africa
The Giving Circle Africa

Together we have made a lasting impact on the lives of women, children and the entire Kagoma Gate community.

A look back on our journey…

That was then, 2012.

The “forgotten village” of Kagoma Gate had no access to health care or any health care professionals. The plan was to provide the village with a midwife and by documenting her care the invisible needs of this community would become visible. The hope was that the Uganda National Health Service would take over this responsibility. Thanks to our “Parties for a  Purpose” and generous donors, the Midwife Project was born. The monies were raised and the midwife was hired and the delivery of health care began. A sponsorship program was established for $100.00/ year and it included a thank you dinner.


Learning to use a simple ultrasound sensor

Midwives with baby and smiling mom

Early childhood health

This is now, 2023.

Thanks to The Midwife Project, a full time midwife/primary care provider and a full time RN serve not only the community of Kagoma Gate but also the neighboring and equally forgotten village of Mutai. Medications, birth kits, medical equipment and supplies have been provided for the expanding populations. And since the program was utilized by the villagers with such success other partners joined the cause. A birth center was built in Kagoma Gate by the Soroptimists of Saratoga and the Mitzen family funded a clinic for Mutai. The villagers of Kagoma Gate and Mutai can now depend on reliable and accessible health care.

What we’ve learned…

Despite the  growing needs of these communities having been identified, the NHS has not responded. Should we fail to continue this support the health care services will be discontinued. With the development of a Eucalyptus Farm on TGCA land there is hope for a local sustainable income. However, this is a long term goal and is fraught with some local obstacles. Until then, prenatal moms need care, babies need assessments, children need malaria medications and wounds need to be cared for etc., etc., etc.

The ten years of operation have provided us with important lessons learned and valuable reasons to commit to the future of the program.

The parameters under which we  have operated have changed and the inflation and demands on our monies have increased. We weathered the storm of COVID and are now evaluating the aftermath. So, we have restructured our program. 

One time gifts of any amount are always welcome. Sustainers are deeply appreciated for the reliability their funds provide. Since we have not changed the $100 annual request for sustaining partners in 10 years, we are launching a new 3 tier donation option that can be paid monthly or paid in full on an annual basis. Our annual dinner will be a separate fundraiser for special supplies and medical equipment that are always needed.

Nurse Dennis

Nurse Dennis


Nurse Dennis, Midwife Lydia and TGC Board Member Kim Poli

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