Compassion Awards: Fingerpaint

fingerpaint-heartFingerpaint Marketing

Fingerpaint has giving back embedded in their company culture, with Philanthropy as one of their core values. From Saratoga to Scottsdale, the company is dedicated to keeping their employees connected to causes close to their hearts, while making sure the communities that surround their offices know they’re cared for and appreciated.
It starts from the top down, and employees of Fingerpaint realize early-on that philanthropy is a constant part of who we are and what we do.  Not only does it help our staff collaborate with each other on a non-work level, it helps keep them focused on community and creates balance in a somewhat volatile industry. Employees love that giving back is such a big part of Fingerpaint.
Whether it’s through in-kind contributions or financial assistance, Fingerpaint gives to more than 60 organizations each year.