2017 TGC Team Dedication Project!

Starting in 2017, The Giving Circle’s annual summer trip team will work together to raise the funds to construct one very important project.  That project will be dedicated to that team, during the trip, to The Giving Circles Ugandan projects memorialized on a plaque.

This year’s team project is: The Giving Circle Africa’s Kagoma Gate School & Medical Clinic Compound Security Fence!

During the team trip this summer, the team will help construct this very important compound fence.   Once completed, a plaque dedicated to the team of 2017, will be mounted to the main gate entrance. We will have a naming ceremony, forever remembering the Giving Circle team of 2017.

Kagoma Gate, located at the edge of a large sugarcane plantation, is Uganda’s poorest village, often referred to as the “the forgetting village”.

In 2012, at the request of the Ugandan Government, The Giving Circle entered the village to build a 3-room school; to be the village’s first school.  Since that time, The Giving Circle has made Kagoma Gate one of its core villages, forever changing one of the world’s poorest villages.

This was accomplished by building and operating the village’s first:

  • Full primary school complex with a student body of 500 students,
  • School buildings also serving as the village church and meeting halls,
  • Village playground,
  • Village’s first medical clinic,
  • Village’s first sanitation through pit latrine buildings,
  • Kitchen building, feeding each child 2 meals every school day, and
  • The village’s only source of electric light is through solar system located on our school buildings and clinic, and water through a borehole well and new rainwater harvesting system.
It’s common for schools in Uganda to be surrounded and by protected by a compound fence. In Kagoma Gate this to protect the children, buildings, property and school’s livestock and its only water source.  Gathering water from the well at night in the dark can be dangerous. This fence and new solar light will help to assure villager safety.

The total cost of all materials and labor for this important fence and main gate is $3860 USD. Its value to the village is priceless.  100% of your donation will be used directly on this project.

Thank you for your consideration.  For additional information please contact:  Mark Bertrand

CLICK HERE TO DONATE if you are friends with someone who is traveling with us this year!

** NOTE: you may print this form out and send a check payable to The Giving Circle and mail to PO Box 3162, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866  (if you do not want to use PayPal).


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