2018 TGC Team Fundraising Project

Last year we started a new tradition where we will work together to raise funds to complete a project that will be dedicated to the travel team of that year.  Last year we raised funds for  the fence surrounding our Kagoma Gate compound.  Even if you cannot make the trip this year,  donations, are of course, most welcome.

This years project is the completion of the new The Giving Circle office and the office of a MOST special project which is in development right now, The KoiKoi Teachers University. Much of the work is completed already, with only finishes still needing to be completed, such as the tile, celling, wooden wall to create a new office space for Madam Cecilia Kagya (University’s Registrar), the paint to make it a beautiful office and furnishings befitting  The Giving Circle Africa  and Koi Koi Teachers University.

A special plaque that looks like this will placed on the exterior of the building in your honor!

Left to right: Moses Wambi (Country Director ), Cecilia Kagya, Lydia Kadama, and Emma Walubi

Mr. Gusango H Emmanuel, Director & University President

Summer Team Fundraising Project

Greater than 99% of your donation will be used directly on this project.   Thank you for your consideration.  For additional information OR IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THE LEAD ON ONE OF THESE PROJECTS please contact:  Mark Bertrand

** NOTE: you may print this form out and send a check payable to The Giving Circle and mail to PO Box 3162, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (if you do not want to use PayPal).