TGCA Koi Koi U’Rafiki Savings & Loan Update!

THIS post is PURE JOY and comes from our Ugandan Projects and deserves to be yelled from the mountain tops!!!

All of our African programs are designed with a goal of being 100% self sustainable in operation and growth. We do do this in many ways from working to expand sustainable plants, animals and fish farming, small businesses like our sewing business and more.  But also with great pride and joy is our KoiKoi U’Rafiki Savings and Loan bank.

The steps to today’s great announcement:

  1. Each year, for years, Kelly has taught a math, accounting and savings class on land in Wairaka to the village women. Each year,  handing out calculators, small pads and pens, teaching the importance of saving EACH week, if even 100, 500- 1000 shillings (3 cents to 0.28 cents)
  2. From this grew a small savings group driven by the villagers with meetings held in one of our buildings in Wairaka.
  3. Fast forward with the great work by Moses Wambi ,and leadership of Koire Lydia Kadama and others, we formed the KoiKoi U’Rafiki Savings and Loan bank. This is a fully registered Ugandan bank, providing loans, overseeing the accounting of all our sponsorship program, and many villagers saving accounts. 2 years ago, we were given a grant by the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County which helped us infuse more funds into our bank which increased our ability to grant mirco-loans helping villagers to start small business and pay school fees.

2017 saw the construction of the banks first brick and mortar branch office.

Under the leadership of our Ugandan team, MosesEmmaCecilia Kagya and the direct leadership of the bank Koire Lydia Kadama, and the board, we have attracted national attention as well as attention by a large African Bank: the bank we do our business with in Uganda, Kenya Commercial Bank.  After months of talks and investigation of our books, We, The Giving Circle Africa’s KoiKoi U’Rafiki Savings and Loan has become a agent banking “partner” / branch of KCB 😁😊😎. This is HUGE!!!!!


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