A Happy Story About Arms

Mark wrote: “I was so happy to receive an e-mail from Kristin and the Siena e-Nable team. They had not forgotten about a request I had made for a very special, very beautiful, and very shy young lady. As you may remember, in 2017 the Siena e-Nable team, lead by Alyx Gleason and Miranda Marnes, made an arm for our daughter Veronica. (We were delighted when both of these young women were able to join last summer’s Uganda team.) The arm they built was delivered by Siena grad, Dr Manny Cirenza, in March, 2017.
During that trip, we visited the New Victory School, a primary school which is close to our current Koi Koi Home. While there we were able to spend some time with our youngest kids from our Koi Koi Home and with my great friend Ernest Kasami, the school’s founder.
Ernest introduced us to the beautiful young lady in the pictures. As you can see, she is VERY badly burned. In place of her left hand she has a stump that is longer than Veronica’s. But, unlike Veronica, this dear girl suffered so much bicep damage that she has little to no movement in the arm. I asked her if she would you like to have a hand and arm that would be the same color as her skin. I explained that, because she didn’t have much movement in what was left of her natural arm, a new one couldn’t work like Veronica’s. Still, in response, this terribly shy girl gave a little smile and said YES. Being a big hugger, I told her that indeed I’d be needing a hug. It was quickly clear that this sweetheart had not had many hugs in her life. She gave me a hug that was so tight and so filled with love.
After we returned, I contacted Siena ‘s Dr. Bellis, the advisor to the e-Nable club. I asked if the team could make an arm for this sweetheart. Admittedly, this arm will be almost 100% cosmetic. But having both arms and hands would make her feel “whole.”
The great news is that it seems the e-Nable club can create an arm for our girl in September. The plan is to get all the measurements this summer. When I return to Uganda in February 2019, it will be with the new arm for a very happy girl who now hugs me with two arms.
In truth, I will just be the delivery man. It will be the students of Siena’s e-Nable team who will make this child as whole as she can be and leave her very, very happy. We owe a huge thank you to the current Siena e-Nable team and to Dr. Mathew Bellis. And special mention and thanks to Miranda Marnes, Alyx Gleason, Sara Mahar, and all the Siena e-Nable team who got the ball rolling with Veronica.”

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