A Local Family Needs Our Help

 Hi, all. As you know The Giving Circle provides service locally, nationally, and internationally. Where ever there is suffering is where we try to be. Of late, we’ve been telling you a lot about the work in Uganda and even in our own Gulf states. But recently we’ve encountered some folks in the Saratoga area who could really use some help.

We’ve been introduced to a local family who are very close friends with a member of TGC outreach team. The family includes two sons, both suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The Bertrand family may not know this family so well. But, as many of you may be aware, we are too well acquainted with this disease. We helped care for a young boy who’d basically been abandoned by his family to the ministrations of a local hospital. For eight years we would visit out boy Matt every Saturday. We’d feed Matt and then Azurah would take over, playing video games and just talking. Matt’s medical providers told us he had maybe six months to live. But, with Azurah as his best friend, he lasted eight years.

Of the two brothers with Duchenne, one is at home. But the other, Phil, is in the hospital. As you can imagine, the medical bills are huge. There are plenty of additional expenses to be met. With the rising price of gas, even the costs of visiting are nearly unmanageable. The family eagerly spends enormous amounts of time with Philly, as he’s better known. Still, they must be exhausted. And the financial implications are certainly devastating. All of this is above and beyond handling the pain of having two sons with a terrible disease.

Here is our chance to help a local family. Let’s do what our circle does. If you can, donate what you can to the gofundme site established for them. This will provide them needed financial relief and proof that they have loving friends (many of whom they may not know) who are with them is spirit.


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