A New Roof for the Garza Family

One year ago we were in Texas working on rebuilding homes. One belonged to the Garza family. When inspecting the house, at first I said no because it just looked too bad. A few hours later I returned to say we would do our very best. And we did. After a full day’s work using many fans to try and dry out the house out, we finished the gutting. We also did some rebuilding, installing new sheet rock, insulation, and new doors. With gift cards for the kids and new sneakers from a relative of Judy Fillmore, it felt like a new house. In addition to re-studding and some other rebuilding, we were left with the question of what to do about a roof that was already in poor shape but had been made a great deal worse by the storm.

We were told fixing the roof would cost $10,000.  FEMA told Sylvia they would pay $5,000; we gave her the remaining $5,000. As usual, TGCA was much faster than FEMA. But, at last, FEMA gave them the $5000 and the results can be seen below. 

Yesterday I checked in with the family. This was Sylvia Garza’s response: “Hi There! Yes sir, we definitely got the new roof and are 80% on the inside. Much grateful for that.  You were right about FEMA. With your help we were able to get a much needed total roof. I’ll take the pics this evening and send them your way. We are forever grateful for the help you and your group provided for us!”

Today she sent this message: “Hi Mark! Here are a couple of pictures of the new roof. May the Lord bless you and your crew for the help you provided when we were at our lowest. We will be forever in your debt!

Thank you,

Sylvia A. Garza”

Now have a look at that NEW safe dry roof.

ALL TOGETHER WE ARE THE GIVING CIRCLE. Nobody can do what we do, the way we do it!



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