A very happy little girl!

Our last update the little girl who was sleeping on her mattress on a cold concrete floor –> who dreamed of a real bed of her own, a aloft bed.

We were contacted by an old, very kind friend working for Catholic Charities Albany telling us of a poor family she is helping who had moved into Saratoga County. Samantha Marie got together friends to paint the walls and install new flooring but still lacked the funds to make this little girls dream of this special bed come true.

The Giving Circle does what we do: we stepped in where we saw we could make a difference and make a dream come true. The bed is installed and all her new princess bedding in place.

The little princess stood atop of her dream bed and declared “I’m the queen of the world“!

ANY and ALL things we do, we do because of all of you who help support the work we do.

From building schools, clinics, wells, sanitation, farms and more than ½  way around the world to repairing, remodeling and fitting out homes here in in Saratoga county for poor families and families with disabled children to simply provide a bed and special bedding to bring a poor little girl happiness and hope to her and her family. The Giving Circle and all we do the lives we change for the better is because of your support!

Every child deserves a bed, everyone deserves hope and happiness, the knowledge people care about them.

She is now “The queen of the world”!

Thank you Samantha Marie for all your good work and contacting TGC.




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