An outpouring of love: TGC, SGS & Hurricane Harvey

As we continue to prepare for our trip(s) to help our friends/family in Houston (Texas), we are over joyed at the out pouring of offers to join the teams and/or help in some way.

We are so very happy, but not surprised, that some or the very first offers to be there to help were from our family in Waveland/Bay St Louis Mississippi!  These are the very people who, 12 years ago, lost everything and we then did what we are about to do for new friends in Texas.

THAT is what The Giving Circle is, an ever expanding circle of compassion.

Look for updates: Mark will be flying down soon to start the ground work with SGS to make ready a volunteer center and start compiling a scope of work, seeing just how bad it is and what we need to do.  Stay tuned!

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