Ann’s Ugandan Schoolhouse Furniture Teacher Dedication Drive

“We all have that special teacher who inspired us, and even changed our lives.” — Ann Fantauzzi


Ann Fantauzzi

Kagoma Gate Friendship School is now a complete P1-P7 primary school with a student body of nearly 500! The very first class of our P7 candidates are currently studying for their national exams.

Our students arrive daily eager to learn. So much has been accomplished in this very poor and forgotten village located in the sugarcane fields of Uganda.  Because we have grown in student population, we have built 4 new classrooms in a very short time.  The new student desks, teacher desks, cupboards, shelves and tables are now needed.

The cost of all 50-student desks has been donated with the request that each one be dedicated to a special teacher. Each desk will seat between 3 to 5 students.




We are offering 2 ways to also help:

(1)  The privilege of dedicating a students’ desk in honor of a special teacher in your life. That teacher who provided the spark for learning or the guidance to become someone special for you.   For a minimum donation of $25 to our education fund, the name of your special teacher will become part of this most special school.  Along with your donation, you can write a brief description about your teacher and how they affected your life. Their name will be engraved on a desk and a book will be produced giving all the information about your teacher for the students at Kagoma Gate.

(2) Donate to acquire a piece of needed furniture in the name of your special teacher in your life:


      1. Shelves:  we need 2 at $87 each 
      2. Chairs: we need 7 at $20 each
      3. Cupboards for classroom supplies:  we need 5 at $87 each 
      4. Tables:  we need 7 at  $87 each (the tables are also used for village church gatherings and celebrations located at the school)

Each piece of furniture is hand made by a local Ugandan carpenter. Your special teacher will not only be honored in a school that is very important in the lives of these children, but has been built from the love and compassion of many TGC/A supporters.

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