Better Housing for our Teachers

In a country where only 33% of children complete primary school, we can look to Kagoma Gate village for another marker of great success. In the pictures we see the first of four residential buildings that will be erected in Kagoma Gate. Each building will offer four apartments, representing a level of housing in which great stature is attained by residing there. We have two reasons for planning this construction.
The first is to reward the hard work of our teaching staff.
The second and possibly more important is to convince the children and villagers of the importance of education. With teachers having access to this housing, there will be hard evidence of the resulting benefits of pursuing education.
Either of these goals is sufficient for us to guarantee that teachers do not live in mud huts.
Thanks so much to TGC team member Dr. Scott Hudson for providing the means for this first structure. During this year’s trip, Scott will be adding solar power and lighting to the building. And of course thanks go to Emma Walubi for designing and building this important housing.

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