Big News of Our Busoga School

In June, 1993 we first decided to make Busoga Junior School a TGC school. It had been founded by Moses and Cecilia. Still, with no support, it had become one of the poorest schools. When we first made the decision to step in, the school had only 25 students still enrolled.
The first 3 pictures are of one of the 3 class room buildings, a building of dirt floors ravaged by termites. We worked very hard to raise the funds to take this building down and then to replace it with a beautiful concrete building. We dreamed of making it a 3 story building. It became clear though that, while this was a grand dream, it would be some time in realization given our huge list of proposed projects and the on-going operating costs of our existing responsibilities.
During this last summer’s trip, Ed and Lisa Mitzen asked me what we needed most at Busoga. I shared with them this dream, hoping to build the second floor soon but facing some difficult fundraising. We saw it as a safe, healthy, modern school building for all our 400 students including those who are deaf or have special needs. A few minutes later, End and Lisa came back with broad smiles on their faces. They announced that they wanted to gift TGCA’s Busoga School with not just the 2nd but both new floors!
Construction has already started. Please take a look at the photos of the early progress on the Mitzen Family School Building’s 2nd story.
You’ll see it’s another beautiful design and construction plan developed by our own TGCA superman, Emma Walubi
Thank you Ed and Lisa Mitzen


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