Mark's Shameless Birthday Gift 2020

Mark’s Shameless Birthday Gift 2020

It’s that time of year again for “Mark’s Shameless Birthday Gift” plea. This year I land in Uganda on my birthday, Feb 20th and will be very busy throughout my stay. Help me land with the knowledge that all of my friends will give me the gift of … wait a minute, a latrine! This most -poor village of Mutai has no sanitation and this will easily lead to a better quality of life for all who live there.

We have funded the first clinic for the villagers thanks to FINGERPAINT. A bore hole to keep the water safe for drinking as a gift of DAN BOBEAR will keep them from getting their water supply from a swamp. Now help me donate a very important gift to the people of Mutai, a latrine.

The goal of bringing sanitation to this village is $5,100 - not much when you realize the overall impact that this will bring to so many people. As money is donated, I will keep you updated as I progress to this goal.  Please help make this a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the old Mzee (old man) Mark and the families of Mutai. Nothing says LOVE like a latrine!

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