2017 Institute for Human Rights

The Giving Circle and the Capital Region Institute for Human Rights partner to produce the 2017 Teen Summer Symposium on Human Rights, a four-day workshop open to incoming freshmen through graduating seniors, who are interested in history, social justice, politics, and international relations. The goals of the Teen Summer Symposium are to provide participants with a deeper understanding of human rights history and humanitarian issues today and inspire them to have a positive impact on the world.

This program engages students in a range of human rights projects around the world.

Dr.David Crane, US Chief Prosecutor to the UN war crimes and Founding Director, Syrian Accountability Project, Syracuse University College of Law addresses the group via Skype.

Participants prepare school books to ship to Afghanistan.

Music and drama help students find their voice to address human rights.

Update: unable to post updates!

HI everyone! I’m sorry but the wifi has been awful and I’ve been unable to post. Please check Mark Bertrand’s Facebook page for updates!!


Arrived in Uganda!

We are all here, arrived around 10:30 pm Thursday night.  After a VERY long visa process and the collection of the 70+ bags through immigration, we arrived at the hotel around 3:30am.    Mark and Yassin arrived closer to 4:30am with the last of the bags. Hit the sack around 4:45am.

After a little sleep we are in Jinja, team is seeing city while we exchange their US cash to shillings.

Shortly heading with team to start their first tour of all our many projects. Projects a reality thanks to so many of you. LOTS more to come…(if the wifi cooperates at the hotel – so far not so good!).

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** SAVE THE DATE July 27, 2017 at 7PM **
This is going to be good, at the end of the film we will have a live from SKYPE Q&A with Robert Katende one of the subjects of this Disney movie the true life story:

TGCA Update – Progress!

Just one month until we fly back to our Ugandan projects for our annual summer team trip. We just received great updates from Emma and Moses.

Thanks to so many of you, we have so many important and incredible projects underway:

  • The new fence around our Kagoma Gate complex is well underway and will welcome the team when we arrive. This fence is most important and dedicated to the team of 2017.  A very big thank you to a very special and kind Giving Circle family member for this donation.   During the trip a plaque will be dedicated to the travel team of 2017 placed at the entrance of the compound.

  • The new sign post for Kagoma Gate which we will have with us when we got this summer with new sign stickers to cover over the existing sign.

  • The garden screen between the boys and girls latrine buildings. During the trip the team will plant bushes in this planter.

  • This is so important,  this is the monument for Kagoma Gate’s first villager, Mzee Galveri.  On this trip we will have a very special ceremony to dedicate a memorial garden to forever remember Kagoma Gate’s first Villager so that he may never be forgotten.

  • These are part of the new desks from Ann’s Ugandan Schoolhouse Furniture Teacher Dedication Drive.  What an amazing job Ann Lamoreaux Fantauzzi did on this and all she does for our educational programs.  Thanks to all who donated to this.

Lots more to come, thanks to all of YOU!!

International Children’s Art Auction: MAY 25th

It’s that time of year again, we love this event and what it has done for improving educational programs at our schools. Always amazing art, great people and a good time helping both our work in Uganda but also World’s Window’s work in Belize.
Great thanks always to Bill Reilly and Hilary Reilly for this and for all they do for so many in need.