2019 TGC Adopt-A-Family

Dear Friends,

Saratoga Christmas ~ Adopt-A-Family – 2019

“Something you want.  Something you need.

 Something you wear.  Something you read.”

The Giving Circle, Inc. announces our annual effort to help families during the Holiday Season. We will again be working with Franklin Community Center to help families in need in Saratoga County.  The holiday season is a time of festivities and gift giving, warmth, and wishes of peace & goodwill for all on earth. But as we all know, this can also be a particularly hard time of year for families. More families than ever find themselves struggling just to get by.

Please consider reaching out to a special family or a child by providing gifts* for them this holiday season.  Information about families to adopt is now posted on The Giving Circle web-site   https://www.thegivingcircle.org/wordpress/local/adopt-a-family/  Questions should be directed to karyl@thegivingcircle.org    or ask for Karyl  at (518) 226-0242.

*Gift guidelines:

All gifts $50 or less.  No electronic gifts. Gift cards limited to movie theaters, bowling alleys, or similar venues.

Suggested total gift for each child – $100 – $150.

Good News For Our Ugandan Schools

A VERY BIG Smile on our faces. We’ll have more about what this means as the full implications unfold.

Soroptimists Honor The Giving Circle

The Soroptimists of Saratoga expressed gratitude to Mark Bertrand of The Giving Circle for speaking to the club about the many services the Giving Circle provides in Africa, Afghanistan, and locally. Soroptimist Saratoga is proud to have contributed funds over a number of years to help with maternity care, medical aid, and educational services.
Mark commented, “I was honored to speak at the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County last night. I was able to thank them for all their support to The Giving Circle. Thank you to all the sisters of the Soroptimist for the invitation and for all they do to help not only us but also so many others who serve our brothers and sisters in need.
They ended their meeting with a quote I just must share.” (See the quote in the picture below.)

Hammer Time – Getting to It

Hammer 🔨 time. So proud every time. The Giving Circle sends out help to a family who really need it. Dad was disabled by a stoke and the garage wasn’t ready for winter. So many compassionate people showed up to help.
Margaret Mead tells us, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”.
For proof, see the pictures. The first is of our on-site supervisor.

Need a new sponsor: Gift Kabukaire

Gift recently lost her sponsor and we are looking for someone to welcome her into your family so she can continue her schooling.

Gift leaves with her grandparent who are struggling so hard to reach her the basics of life. She is a source of comfort to the lonely aging grand.  She loves helping in domestic choires and during her free time she is found of carrying toy babies on her back the commonly feminine trait.

The gift of sponsorship will brighten her chances of advancing her studies.

Click here if you are interested!


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” … Desmond Tutu

ITS HAMMER TIME, remember next weekend 5th – 6th is a local project work weekend. Lets help this family in need!

Our work weekends are GREAT. Each is a fun time that changes a family’s life, and yours 😉

For more info email Ron at MKD67@aol.com

Party With A Purpose!

Greetings one and all!

We are looking forward to our annual fall gathering to share updates on the Midwife Project, enjoy a meal together, meet new people, and to be reminded of the true impact your support has made to so many.

“Listening causes connections and connections create empathy and empathy allows for change that matters and is real.” This is a quote from Melinda Gates regarding how to begin to solve big world problems on a local level. It also is the foundation of TGCA and the Midwife Project. We are Elizabeth’s listeners. She, in turn, listens to the needs of those she serves, building trust and connections as the primary healthcare professional for hundreds in Kagoma Gate and surrounding villages.

We are happy to report that our funds this year have supplied a second salary for a much-needed nurse and the supplies their increased patient load requires. We were also able to fund and distribute over 60 birthing kits that Elizabeth requested.

We will continue to listen. As Melinda Gates also said, “we are all drops in the bucket and when we provide what is needed, and not what we want to give, the bucket can fill with drops that create lasting powerful change.”

Our goal this year is to widen the circle. We would love to welcome new friends to our Midwife Project family, so spread the word. Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating our success together.


WHERE: Home of Caren Baker
608 Route 29
(SW corner, Route 29 and Middleline Road)
Middle Grove, NY 12850

PARTY: 3 Course Meal with wine and dessert bar

PURPOSE: To serve the health and birthing needs of the Ugandan people living in Kagoma Gate and outlying villages.

100% of your contribution will go directly to the nurse-midwife’s salary and needed supplies.

501-3c tax-deductible

Limited seating
Seats will be reserved with payment
Please RSVP by October 18

Checks can be made payable to The Giving Circle, Inc. with Midwife Project written in the memo line.
Please mail checks to Hope Neikirk, 4 Laury Lane, Scotia, NY 12302

To pay via PayPal:

Midwife Project, Donor

please write MIDWIFE DINNER in comment section

Sustaining members: one dinner is included in your $100 annual contribution.
Those wishing to be sustaining member may send a check to Hope or pay via PayPal:

Eva’s Shoes

Our young Ugandan daughter is building a career as a aesthetician and stylist. She’s a stunning young woman who is an excellent model of her skills.
Besides all that, she’s building a side business with some very pretty shoes. Pictures are below. Don’t you love them??!! Eva says, “Call me on 0703807492 for any you want please.”

Big News of Our Busoga School

In June, 1993 we first decided to make Busoga Junior School a TGC school. It had been founded by Moses and Cecilia. Still, with no support, it had become one of the poorest schools. When we first made the decision to step in, the school had only 25 students still enrolled.
The first 3 pictures are of one of the 3 class room buildings, a building of dirt floors ravaged by termites. We worked very hard to raise the funds to take this building down and then to replace it with a beautiful concrete building. We dreamed of making it a 3 story building. It became clear though that, while this was a grand dream, it would be some time in realization given our huge list of proposed projects and the on-going operating costs of our existing responsibilities.
During this last summer’s trip, Ed and Lisa Mitzen asked me what we needed most at Busoga. I shared with them this dream, hoping to build the second floor soon but facing some difficult fundraising. We saw it as a safe, healthy, modern school building for all our 400 students including those who are deaf or have special needs. A few minutes later, End and Lisa came back with broad smiles on their faces. They announced that they wanted to gift TGCA’s Busoga School with not just the 2nd but both new floors!
Construction has already started. Please take a look at the photos of the early progress on the Mitzen Family School Building’s 2nd story.
You’ll see it’s another beautiful design and construction plan developed by our own TGCA superman, Emma Walubi
Thank you Ed and Lisa Mitzen