Joyce Rice Posts Some More For Us

Ok.. just a few more. Thanks to the wonderful Mostoller Family (Libby!) Bombas Socks donated 200 pair of socks to Summit Clothing Company/The Giving Circle. Smiles abound. Feeling so happy! Praying for a safe journey for the whole Giving Circle team as they start their trip home tomorrow.



Pics From Ron

Ron says, “Another fun day in Uganda!”


Everybody Needs To Play

Just finished with a meeting and wanted to give a VERY SPECIAL thank you to an amazing group of women. Woman who made it a possible for EVERY child to play and SWING.

A VERY HUGE Weebale Nnyo ( Luganda) Asante sana (swahili) THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO Holly Nash, Daniela Filmer, Sheri Fyvie-Berhaupt and all the friends/ nurses who made this dream come true for our children in wheel chairs. Every child should play, swing, and receive an education. Because of you our children in wheel chairs were laughing so hard. Pure joy to watch!

Posted by Mark Bertrand on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Very Tired After A Big Day


We had a GREAT Koikoi House birthday celebration. But I’m too tired now to post any pictures; the tremors and difficulty walking leave exhausted.

BUT, wait, I need to share ONE story. Please read!!

Of course we were delighted to see ALL our sons and daughters. But then my heart was touched particularly by Moses’ and Cecilia’s oldest daughter, Muyama Keturah, a child I love so much. She’s now in high school and SO VERY SMART. When she arrived, with tears in her eyes she hugged me and said, “Poppa, I no longer want to be a surgeon; I will now be a neurologist so I may cure you and no one will suffer like you again.”

It’s true that I fall down sometimes or I may be terribly tired and in pain. There are days when worry consumes me, nearly over whelms me. But then something like this reminds me why we do this, how much we love these very special people.

Well,OK. You talked me into posting two pictures. First is Keturah (on the far left) with three of our Koi Koi Daughters. The second picture is of our Koi Koi daughters in their NEW dresses, handmade for them and so pretty. In fact, judging by the poses, we’d have to say they are our very own runway models.



The Statue Is For You Too

We leave in the morning at 9am for the zoo. We’re taking thirty of the deaf and disabled children with us. What a great team this year! OMG!

It is not really like me to post the picture you see below. I’m the one that hides from the camera. But there is a reason for my sharing it again. I am one who was told most of my life that I was dumb. As to my dream of changing the world, many laughed. The picture below is proof that, if someone like me can have such an honor, then any of us can. Never give up on your dream of helping others. True, it takes a lot of work to make it happen. But then all dreams, all worthwhile things do.

My goal has been to build projects that will in time change millions of lives and we are seeing the goal reached. This clearly means that all who told me I could never achieve much of anything were wrong. In truth, none of this work could have been put in motion without you who help us constantly. All of you are honored by this statue. GREAT thanks to Emma Walubi, Moses Wambi, and my love Kelly Mommakoikoi.

“They said I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”


A Cool Video – We’re Having Fun Too

It’s late, hard to get to post too many pics. BUT I believe this is a VERY cool video. It will give you a feeling of the fun in Busoga: face painting, food and ice cream, and new clothing. Add music and dancing and you’ve got the idea.


It's late, hard to get too post too many pics BUT I believe this VERY cool video gives you a feeling of the fun. Busoga face painting, food and ice cream, and new clothing + music and dancing.

Posted by Mark Bertrand on Friday, July 6, 2018

Kelly Gives Us Even More Pictures

These are wonderful portraits. Enjoy!

Lots and Lots of Pics

Enjoy them all!

More Games and More Competition

More from yesterday, off to Kagoma Gate today for fun day. There, we also had chess, scrabble, math, and creative writing contests. Again, I’m asking you to take a look at the list of spelling words and other questions. Do you think you could get them all right? It’s not possible to express in words the pride we have in these kids.
Just as impressive is the fact that our deaf kids made the finals of the Chess tourney. Just think about that for a bit: deaf children, who were never educated previously, in the finals of a chess event!
Reid Priester will judge the creative writing papers after reading them all. He’ll announce the winner at the BIG Olympic and Fun day at Bushoga.

Head Games – Spelling and Math

During the first two days at Busoga, the kids and teams are having the most wonderful time. We’re having many games, including a Math and a Spelling contest. How many of these words can you spell? The 5th grade class are managing to do them.

You can also see the material for the 7th grade math class. Think you can do it these problems?

You are all here with us!!!