Day Two Was Great But Challenging

I’ve been trying to post many pics from a great day but the internet has been way too slow. The day’s start was not great. I was having very bad tremors and shaking. Plus, while walking, I fell down a few steps. Grabbing the handrails with two hands saved me from too much damage. Still, I took the hint and moved from the third to the ground floor.
On a personal note, I was saddened a bit when one of the loves on my life, one of our KoiKoi daughters little Veronica, ran and jumped into my arms as soon as she spotted me. But my shaking, walking, stumbling, and inability to stand still scared her and made her afraid to come to me. She just stared at me much of the day. Moses talked her before we left to assure her that I would be ok. Still, she started to cry
The picture above is of two of the loves of my life: little beautiful Veronica and the beautiful, smart, strong Amya.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan

Sallam Alaikm- Greetings all. Please enjoy these pictures from The Giving Circle –Afghanistan. They are of the block of three class rooms under construction. Girls will be educated in these class rooms rather than under tents. Booyah!! Thanks to our Afghan partners Attal Nang and Afghans 4 Tomorrow nagin yari

Kelly Has Plenty of Pics

So far our first 2 days! Along with a very special honor for Mark Bertrand!

Off and Running

Trying to keep up. Right now we’re in our KoiKoi Teachers University.

Ron Deutsch’s Comments On The First Day Back

I’m traveling with #thegivingcircle on our annual trip to Jinja. Great to see our Ugandan friends again. An amazing man was honored today by our family in Uganda. Mark Bertrand, our founder and a true inspiration to me and the force of nature coordinating all of our work in Africa, was honored with a beautiful statue as a tribute to all the incredible work he has coordinated. He has touched so many lives and is truly making a difference in this world. He is the stone creating ripples in the pond. Some people talk about changing the world, this man does it!!
Another one of our incredibly dedicated and talented team members was honored with a plaque on the Kagoma Gate Teachers Quarters that he supported. Scott Hudson is a great guy with a huge heart. He has provided time, talent and treasure to The Giving Circle over and over again. He’s truly another inspiration.
Plus plenty of pics of the team playing with all of our kids.

Mark WILL Be Remembered (Whether Hi Likes It or Not)

HI ALL! A great deal happened today.
But for now, I’ll limit my discussion to the content of these two pictures, although it will be hard putting my thoughts into words. First, I must thank the love of my love Kelly Mommakoikoi. In addition, I’m filled with gratitude for the parts played by Moses Wambi, Emma Walubi, Cecilia Kagya, and ALL who saw to the construction of this fine likeness of me. For much of my life I did not want to be remembered after I was gone. In addition, it has been a hard year for sure, handing me nearly a full year of deep depression. Yet here was this very special gift. It took my breath away, produced many tears, and brought me great joy.
Thank you again to ALL who helped make this happen, especially my wonderful girl and love of life, Kelly Mommakoikoi. And to Moses Wambi, Emma Walubi, Cecilia Kagya, and Lydia Koire it’s important to say that I am not worthy of this tribute. But after this year it did make me so happy.

Half Way There

We’re in Brussels and half way through our journey to our second home, Uganda. At the airport, the team picked up one more member, Daniel Coleman. He made it safe and sound, Momma Jane.
Next stop is Kigali Rwanda for a short layover. Then a thirty minute hop will have us at Entebbe, where we’ll be greeted by the big smiles of Moses Wambi and Emma Walubi and other members of the in-country team. After a “short” three hour ride to the hotel, we should arrive around two o’clock in the morning. Checking in should be quick so all will be tucked in shortly thereafter. Then you can start looking for pics very soon – well soon-ish.

Proof That The Giving Circle Makes A Difference

PLEASE READ this I/ we just got back from the airport picking up Jim Wilhite. it was posted to another post. This has OMG made my/ our day, this is what The Giving Circle is, this what YOU who help us help others is.
“Eduardo Garcia: My name is Eduardo and I am an Hispanic that back in 2011 and 2012 received help from The Giving Circle for me and my family. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Ron Deutsch and family who helped us not only by the Giving Circle, but with their love and friendship. My oldest daughter, Vasti, just finished High School with academic recognition and my other daughter, Keila, also finished Middle School being in the A honor block. My wife and myself are working hard. I already became an American citizen and came to the country with my family as legal immigrants back in 2008. I believe a seed of love and help is enough to motivate you to work hard and achieve your education. Thank you all for helping all those who are in need, without caring for their race, color, or religion. We keep you in our prayers. God bless you all!”

One Day and Counting

Less than one day before we leave for Uganda, our Ugandan family, and all our many projects, great works, all the sustainable and self sustainable work WE together have done, are doing, and will be doing.
This year’s team is thirty-three strong and I think it will be a really good one. It’s true that thirty three of us will be present on site. But EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, who helps us make this dream come true, will be with us.
Please look at The Giving Circle’s page and the blog for as many updates as we can post. There will be a lot to follow; we will be on the run every minute with a ton of stuff to do so. You’ll find the blog on

Another Grant From the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County

A very special thank you to the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County for once again giving us a grant. This time it will be used to buy all the furnishings needed for The Scott Hudson house, which will be the first of the Teachers’ Quarters at Kagoma Gate.
This building (with its living spaces, furnishings, solar light and energy) will provide proof to the villagers and kids of where education can lead. In fact, it will stand as a perfect example of the potential rewards of attending school.
On this trip Scott Hudson will install the solar units, lights and outlets and the team will help with the painting. It should be very handsome or as a Ugandan would say “Very smart”.
Once again a VERY big Asante sana (thank you very much) to the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County. Tunakupenda sana!