The 2nd Announcement of TGC Compassion Award: Soul Saving Station

The second winner announcement for the 2018 Giving Circle Compassion awards: The Soul Saving Station for Local Non-Profit: A local charity, social club, faith-based organization or service group that has through selfless compassion most influenced or touched people of the Saratoga region. Congratulations to Rev Arnold and Lady Byrd and their Soul Saving Station.

Come join us this Nov 29th to honor the Byrd Family and their Soul Saving Station, along with all the winners of Compassion Awards.…/2018-compassion-awards/.

Watch tomorrow and for each the next five days for a congratulations to another Compassion Award winner.

A New Roof for the Garza Family

One year ago we were in Texas working on rebuilding homes. One belonged to the Garza family. When inspecting the house, at first I said no because it just looked too bad. A few hours later I returned to say we would do our very best. And we did. After a full day’s work using many fans to try and dry out the house out, we finished the gutting. We also did some rebuilding, installing new sheet rock, insulation, and new doors. With gift cards for the kids and new sneakers from a relative of Judy Fillmore, it felt like a new house. In addition to re-studding and some other rebuilding, we were left with the question of what to do about a roof that was already in poor shape but had been made a great deal worse by the storm.

We were told fixing the roof would cost $10,000.  FEMA told Sylvia they would pay $5,000; we gave her the remaining $5,000. As usual, TGCA was much faster than FEMA. But, at last, FEMA gave them the $5000 and the results can be seen below. 

Yesterday I checked in with the family. This was Sylvia Garza’s response: “Hi There! Yes sir, we definitely got the new roof and are 80% on the inside. Much grateful for that.  You were right about FEMA. With your help we were able to get a much needed total roof. I’ll take the pics this evening and send them your way. We are forever grateful for the help you and your group provided for us!”

Today she sent this message: “Hi Mark! Here are a couple of pictures of the new roof. May the Lord bless you and your crew for the help you provided when we were at our lowest. We will be forever in your debt!

Thank you,

Sylvia A. Garza”

Now have a look at that NEW safe dry roof.

ALL TOGETHER WE ARE THE GIVING CIRCLE. Nobody can do what we do, the way we do it!



Get Your Tickets Now: The Annual Giving Circle Compassion Awards

Save the date and get your tickets now for the Annual Giving Circle Compassion Awards. Today we’re happy to announce our wonderful Co- Chairs for the event. One, Cindy Murray-Phillips, is quite newly retired from a long dedicated career of service to the City of Saratoga Springs. The other is the much esteemed Jim Towne, Esq, who was last year’s winner of the Founders Award for a Life Time of Compassion.

Get your tickets today. You’ll have an evening with great, kind people and be offered really great food by Kim Klopstock’s Lily and the Rose.

Tomorrow we start announcing the award winners, one each day.…/2018-compassion-awards/

Come To The Gala


Enjoy good company, food, music, silent and
live auctions, and a cash bar.


6:30 – 9:30 pm



$100 ticket price

Several local organizations, businesses, and individuals will be honored for the contributions they have made to our community.



  • Local Individual Resident: KATHY MCNEICE
  • Founders Award: ED & LISA MITZEN
  • The Serge Shishik Memorial Local Team Member of the Year:KEVIN WHEELER
  • TGC Uganda-based Individual Member: ALIKOBA ELIZABETH


The Giving Circle is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that works locally, nationally, and internationally to improve the lives of those who are suffering. We have no paid staff so all funds raised go directly to families and communities in need.






Meanwhile in Afghanistan:


The Giving Circle’s three classroom addition is progressing very well. Thank you so much Dear Nagina and all who are working hard on the building.  The pictures give us an idea of what a fine job the builders are doing.

We are very sorry to report that, due to an attack in Kabul a month ago and the killing of 48 young ladies training to be teachers, we will be putting on hold the plan to sponsor young future female teachers for now, as we will not place 50 more girls in danger.…/kabul-suicide-blast-kills-at-…

We are 100% committed to our Afghan friends and are considering our next steps, we will help make a change in Afghanistan,



Robin’s Nest Is Under Construction

In Uganda, construction of Robins Nest is under way, hand digging for the foundation and making blocks.  We have videos from Moses showing how tough but steady the progress is.

This will be a MOST important building, home to all our current Koi Koi kids and to all who, over the generations, will be our sons and daughters. Also, when school is in session, each year it will be home to one-hundred deaf and disabled children for many generations to come.

We are still short of our goal, please consider helping us make this dream come true

A Special Thursday Night Outreach Dinner

Favorite night of the week! Tonight was extra special…. guest chef and musician was Donny!!! Lots of friends joined us for a wonderful meal and music. So thankful you wanted to giveback!

Collette and her crew made delicious desserts and served the meal!  Lisa stopped by with a yummy mac and cheese!  Thanks to Jay for getting the golden boys home. 

We missed Jack and Melissa!!


Work on Robin’s Nest Has Begun

Good news from our brother in Uganda. The work is progressing on the new home, Robin’s Nest. Sooner than we dared to hope we’ll have a FOREVER home for our Koi Koi Kids, for generations of kids who need us to make them family, and for countless deaf and disabled children who deserve to have futures.

Building a forever home, what could be more important for children who have never known such a thing?