Uganda Day 1

The team arrived at 3am this morning. By the time we made it to the hotel, it was 6am! We slept for a while and then:

  • Picked up the Koi Koi kids
  • Toured all the sites of our next two weeks of projects

I will say that our visit to Kagoma Gate was, well, it took our breath away! The progress is amazing to see in person! We also found a little child withnanterrible open sore on his foot. He doesn’t live in this village so our midwife wouldn’t have found him. We took him to a clinic where he will be treated.

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The Travel Team Leaves for Uganda!

Today the team of 14 leave for Uganda with us for almost 2 weeks working on all our projects. Stay tuned for updates and pictures along the way!


While we are all there, it’s all of you that made this work possible!  It’s because of your loyalty and support that we are able to continue to provide sustainability and change the lives of the people we work tirelessly for and love so much.

2 Days to go…

We will soon be reunited with our Ugandan Family in just two more days!  Keep an eye on the blog, we will provide daily updates (power and internet-willing) on our travel team experiences and pictures!!


Just a few days away now…

Only days before we leave now. While we are there, we have a FULL schedule at all our projects & with all our Ugandan team/ family.  One special event will be at our Kagoma Gate Friendship School: a very special awards ceremony for our amazing chess team. Included in this ceremony will be these “very smart” new shirts for the team. Shirts produced by Chris Dunn and Royal Flush Ink.


Remember follow the whole trip on out blog  TGC Blog

Helping a Wonderful Family in Need!

After our Foot Golf Fundraiser we took a small group to do what The Giving Circle does best: bringing hope and making a heavy load a little lighter for a wonderful, but struggling family.

Today we spent the day cleaning the home and doing repairs for such a wonderful family who has known so many struggles.

The daughter, who has cerebral palsy, and the Dad, who suffered a brain aneurysm several years ago and is disabled….and Mom who carries most of the burden at home.  She was in kidney failure and requiring dialysis. The GREAT news is mom just received a kidney in the last month!

Today we did what seemed like such a simple thing: clean the house, clean the windows, clean the drapes, clean the cabinets, etc.  The MOST important thing was the HOPE and JOY this family felt knowing “strangers” cared about them, loved them.

A day of great laughs and fun with some work thrown in to boot.

It is so easy to change the life of another, you just need try.


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Foot Golf Fundraiser a Success!

Today we held our first foot golf fundraiser at Colonial Acres Golf Course in Glenmont, NY. We raised close to $5,500 to benefit the rebuild of our The Giving Circle’s Busoga Primary School!     Folks that participated donated their soccer balls to The Giving Circle to bring to Uganda as well!  A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that came out to support us!

Melanie and Michael of Deets Catering donated the food and it was DELICIOUS!

A special thank you to Chris Dunn of Royal Flush, Inc, who made the awesome t-shirts, and Denise Stasik for putting this together. It was a great day!


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The Giving Circle Annual Trip to Uganda!

Hi everyone!  We are preparing our annual trip to Uganda and we all leave on June 15th through July 9th (16 volunteers).  Keep an eye on the blog TGC Blog for daily updates on the trip along with pictures.


Kagoma Gate Progress

“Tearing down the walls of poverty and despair by building the walls of schools.”  – Mark Bertrand

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