Rosie Grant: A New Playground

Joy for the children of Jinja Women’s Prison!

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”   — Kay Redfield Jamison professor of psychiatry

Rosie-2 Rosie-3

Each year, The Giving Circle though the Rosie Grant, work to improve the lives and living conditions of the woman and children of the Jinja’s women’s prison in Uganda.  As in many countries in Africa, when a mother goes to prison their young child/children go with the mother.

The Giving Circle believes that every child deserves to play and that play is education. Because of this, we have installed playgrounds at both of our schools and on our land in Wairaka.  Our Busoga School playground is pictured above.

Rosie believes these beautiful children forced to live their young lives in prison with their moms also deserve to swing,  slide, run, laugh, sing and play.

Please join with us to make this dream for these children come true.

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TGCA Sewing Guild

The Sewing Guild was started in the summer of 2013 in the Ugandan sugar cane village of Wiraka. It is one of the poorest communities in Uganda. The Giving Circle Africa funds the startup of projects in this village and another sugar cane village, Kagoma Gate, with the goal of improving the lives of all residents through sustainable projects. These projects include agriculture, health care, education, nutrition, crafts and the Sewing Guild.


Our Sewing Guild Team

The first year of the Sewing Guild project, five Ugandan women in a very small storage room with no electricity were able to finish an apron project in an afternoon training session using third world treadle sewing machines that continually broke down. Using patterns, they pinned and cut the fabric out on a dusty floor. The Giving Circle provided 25 yards of traditional African fabric to the women. They produced twenty five aprons for sale in less than two days.

Over the year, the women secured space with electricity in a local church and started taking contracts for school uniforms as part of The Giving Circle Africa. In the summer of 2014, the Sewing Guild was provided with eight electric sewing machines, a cutting table, shelves and storage containers (thanks to some of your donations). The Sewing Guild has increased production of school uniforms with the new machines.

Traditionally all children in Uganda wear school uniforms which include socks and a sweater. Currently, sweaters are produced in Kenya and imported into Uganda. The next goal is to raise funds to provide the Sewing Guild with a knitting machine and initial supplies to make sweaters and socks locally.

Please help us raise funds to purchase a knitting machine, click here to donate!

Kagoma Gate Nutrition Program Update

A note from Moses:

Good news is that news of school feeding has begun to pay off already as classroom space and seats are already in shortage and the anticipated developments are going to address the needs, bravo Keenan kids and The giving circle for the excellent partnership.
Happy valentine!!!!

The attendance the Kagoma Gate Friendship School has more than doubled already.  When the program is fully functional and the new classrooms are complete, we estimate that attendance will be at > 95%. This is AMAZING, coming from a place where education did not exist just a year and a half ago!


image2 image3 image4


Operation: Granny Lift a SUCCESS!

This week saw  the completion of our Operation: Granny lift project bringing a most needed lift (elevator) to a MOST special woman, Granny Graeser​.  Granny is an amazing woman!  We first met her in the Gulf Coast when we started our years of work there after Hurricane Katrina.  Granny quickly became one of our team leaders there, a woman who also lost everything, she works endlessly to help others. This is her life, helping others.  From her work with us at The Giving Circle​ in the Waveland/Hancock county, Mississippi area, to her endless work with solders through Soldiers’ Angels (Official)​ and so much more. She also is so involved with our Ugandan children, she is truly a most loving being and a granny to the world.
Granny’s home is on stilts after the storm, the stairs have become just too much for her. Because of this we launched Operation: Granny lift to install this lift ending her hard and dangerous stair climbing. This most special woman, this woman of selfless love, will carry on her work helping others, now safe.  We will rest easy with no worries about her.
A very special thanks to all who donated and HUGE thank you to the amazing Walter J Gaudin​, who ran everything on the ground. He is such a great guy. In addition, of course, thank you to our brother Al Showers​ and the company that built and installed the lift.
Operation: Granny lift complete and our crazy, loving Granny good to go on helping any who need her!!
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Operation: Every Kagoma Gate Child In School

TGC Projects Video

Kagoma Gate Village was once considered Uganda’s poorest village!  Thanks to your support of the Giving Circle, today Kagoma Gate is transforming from a village of the most profound poverty and despair to a village of HOPE.

Kagoma Gate Village School KidsIn just 3 short years, Kagoma Gate today has:

  • The first sanitation/pit latrines
  • Improved food stability
  • Improved water
  • A village kitchen and feeding/nutrition program for all village children
  • A birthing building and health clinic
  • AND Education!


Most important for its children and the future: prosperity is through education.  With your donations, we successfully constructed and opened the village’s first school: The Giving Circle Friendship School (phase 1).

Now we must complete the job and assure all village children are educated, we must build phase 2. This classroom block will contain the 4th, 5th 6th and 7th grades and a headmaster’s office. This will assure for the first time in this village’s history that every single child will know the joy, freedom and opportunity that education offers.

Ways you can partner with us to bring this dream to life:

  1. Each classroom costs just  $2,500 to construct. The name of every donor will adorn the walls of the classroom grade you donate to.
  2. Or, your name or dedication found on the classroom desk that you sponsor.

The funds will be used for the buildings, books, desks, uniforms: all the things that make a school a school.

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Code Blue Saratoga

The Giving Circle eagerly supports Code Blue Saratoga.

Sharing holiday presents with a formerly homeless woman.

The Giving Circle eagerly supports Code Blue Saratoga to provide the homeless with a hot meal and a warm bed on cold winter nights.

Learn more about The Giving Circle’s role.

Visit the Code Blue Saratoga web site.

Waveland Honors The Giving Circle

Waveland Mississippi recently installed the above sign to recognize the work of The Giving Circle and other groups to rebuild the town following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Agriculture & Farming Programs

TGCA is looking at many aspects of farming and agriculture from planting gardens, a green house project, cows, chickens, farming and other sustainable projects.

image chicksWe have begun the chicken program. They are thriving well.  We purchased 300 chicks to raise and to lay eggs. The Croiler chicken from India turns to be the best breed for our location in our Wairaka village in Uganda.  The chicks are doing well and growing.  The plan is to give each sponsored child’s family chicks to raise at their huts to produce eggs for their family.



We get our seeds from Seeds for Peace (eggplant, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, summer squash and eggplant) in order to aim for sustainability.  We have a farmer at Wairaka, Peter, and he does an amazing job with the greenhouse and gardens!

In addition we raise funds to provide cows to our school at Busoga and in the village of Wairaka.  Protein and fat are an essential part of every child’s health & development.  In Africa both protein and fats are severely lacking in children’s limited diets.

At both of our schools we seek to feed the children each day, for some the best meal they get for some many days the only meal.

In an effort to increase the protein and fats in the children’s diet we need to add milk to their diet by adding cows milk to the children’s simple porridge each morning.

Educational Chess Program

Presently Ugandan chess coach and math teacher, Robert Katende, is teaching in the Kagoma Gate School each week driving from Kampala to Kagoma Gate Village.  Students learn all the basic fundamentals of mathematics and numeracy using the chess board and pieces to count, learn, directions, numbers, addition, multiplication and other areas of numeracy.

As a result of this approach for teaching math, the students also gain a sense of the game of chess.  Skills of higher-level thinking, planning, strategy, analysis, spacial awareness and visualization are developed.  Students gain confidence in their interpersonal relationships of sportsmanship and management.

It has been demonstrated that students’ use of English improves and emotional development is nurtured.  The residual outcome of MiniChess is the ability to play the game of chess confidently.  It is the plan to have all students in the Giving Circle Africa schools of Kagoma Gate and Busoga Junior School become involved in the program from ages 5-9.

Teachers will become trained as money becomes available to do so.   Busoga Junior School presently has what we refer to as “the biggest chess board in Africa”. Funds donated to the chess fund will directly help train teachers, buy workbooks for students and supply teachers with the necessary tools for teaching.

A number of Universities in South Africa have validated the growth of the skills of students through studies of yearly progress in school readiness and spacial analysis, and numeracy.Teaching chess in our Uganda schools has been a fun way to teach logic, mathematics and problem-solving skills.

The students have enthusiastically adopted chess and become adept competitors.  Your donation will help us continue this mission and change children’s lives forever!

Donate to the chess program.