May 16 Dinner Was a Success, As Usual

Thursday night dinner brought to us this week by Megan, Suzette and friends! As usual, we enjoyed plenty of friends and always lots of laughs. We even got to celebrate one sweet lady’s birthday!! Wish we could have gotten the candles lit so we could sing with them. But I think that was pushing our luck.

Another Thursday Night And We Have Dinner

What does Thursday night mean? It’s time for another The Giving Circle Outreach dinner.
Business started out slowly with just a small crowd. But by the end of the night we’d served up dinner to at least twenty-five of our street friends. We even had some new friends stop by!
It’s wonderful when we have any friends, family, organizations helping serve dinner. But it’s especially terrific when kids come to lend a hand. And that was the case tonight! Our guest servers were team members of NE Hurricanes 10u softball; chefs were their awesome parents.
On any Thursday night, we love having outreach dinners and love getting to share the experience with others from the community! Beyond that, we think it’s particularly important for kids to be able to help and give back!!
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for coming to help today. Girls and their parents, you rock!!!! ❤️

Spring Cleanup for Our Senior Neighbors

More pictures from a great day!

Spring Cleanup for Seniors

WHAT a Weekend!
MANY thanks to the 50+ volunteers who showed up to help with the special spring cleanup for seniors. We worked at the homes of twenty-three of our senior friends, one with disabilities in Albany and the rest members of Saratoga Senior Center. Volunteers from all walks of life came together, including Saratoga High School Key Club members and sailors from the Milton Naval Base.

Our results included loads of leaves raked, lawns mowed, and branches picked up. We also planted flowers in the gardens and smiles on the faces of many seniors living alone after the loss of their spouses or otherwise simply struggling with everyday simple chores like raking. Some, just very lonely, were overjoyed to know they are not forgotten.
We also owe a very special thanks to Hewitt’s Garden Center of Wilton for their donation of flowers for each and every one of the homes of the Saratoga seniors we served.
Hard to tell who came out ahead: the seniors or the volunteers!

Outcome of Our Inter-school Chess Tournament

Here are more pictures from the Chess Tourney. We can see our Busoga and Kagoma Gate Chess champions and other members of the teams. We are SO proud of them all and another great job by Moses,the teachers, and the teams.
Oh, and by all means, notice our giant chess board at Busoga with its new strong trazel finish.

Outreach Team’s SECOND and THIRD Dinners!

Second very successful dinner for The Giving Circle Outreach Team is in the books! Thanks to Megan and her crew at Skidmore for helping us out! Loved having you as our guest chefs!

For our third dinner, we had chicken and biscuits on this chilly May night. Small crowd but those that ventured out left with full bellies! Huge thanks to Randy and Casey for the $$$$, 3 crockpots, rice, milk, dessert, cups, and a lunchable for the Little Evester, and a little cash left over! Her treat for helping doing the grocery shopping and the cookie making.
We ate 2 crockpots full and dropped the other to a very special friend! I hope he enjoyed

Prep for the Robert Katende Chess Competition

This week there was an inner school chess tourney between our Kagoma Gate and Busoga schools in prep for the upcoming Robert Katende major chess tournament. They will be ready!

Outreach Dinners Served Up Again

We’re baaaaaack! The Giving Circle Outreach sweet ladies and Jack had our first Thursday night street outreach dinner. Twenty to twenty-five street friends stopped by to say hi and have dinner. Thanks to Peggy and Clyde and for providing the 1st meal! Will do better with pictures next week, Melissa is on duty. Thanks Hepburn’s for stopping by!