Leo Has More Pictures from Our Walk

Here are a few more photos from today’s walk for the Koi Koi House. We did 12km — one for each of the original orphans for which the house was created.  Now, we’re building a new and larger residence. The top picture is of many of the deaf and disabled children who will be moving into Robin’s Nest.  The rest were taken Sunday when the three of us walked the 12km.

 Learn more about  Robin’s Nest at:



We Finished Our Walk

Well, we made it. We managed to cover all12 K of the 12 we planned. That translates to1k walked to honor each of our first Koi Koi Kids. Soon we’ll have Robin’s Nest near our original Koi Koi House and it will become home to a far larger number of deaf and disabled children.

The first pictures show ten of our first dozen kids as we first met them. They are almost all teenagers now and doing wonderfully because we cared for and loved them. And this was possible thanks to the help of so many of you. This new house will be for generations a safe, clean home of love and education.

I did not fall all because I had Kelly Mommakoikoi, Leo Geoffrion, and Rob Wright ( Barefoot) to lean on. Still, I am tired – really tired – as this is the longest I have walked in a year. Also I am VERY sore. But WE made it.

One last big push! If you have not donated yet, please get on it. Monday is the last day to contribute to help meet the $40,000 match challenge. Oh, and did I mention that I am REALLY sore.

We’re Walking Again on Sunday

This Sunday it’s again time to walk for a cause. And this time the cause is to replace our endangered orphanage by constructing a boarding house, Robin’s Nest. We are SO close to reaching the funding goal that we think we can walk there (pun intended).

THANKS to SO many of you, particularly two very generous donors. This includes of course our benefactor who made the $40,000 challenge donation.

Sunday, I plan to walk and wobble 12 km. My Kelly Mommakoikoi, Leo Geoffrion and Rob Wright will accompany me. We’ll cover 1km in honor of each of our first 12 Koi Koi kids. Koi Koi house residents number far more than twelve now. But Robin’s Nest will be able to house close to 100 deaf and disabled children.

Because we are so close to the total amount needed to build the new structure, we’ve started construction.  The history of your generosity makes us certain that we can get the balance. So, in the spirit of “bring ‘em home”, we confidently ask that you sponsor our walk. The site for pledges is https://www.thegivingcircle.org/wordpress/koikoikidshome/

Dennis Has Become Remarkable as a Nurse And as a Man


It’s time to brag about this young man just a bit more. When we first meet Dennis he was a VERY sick little boy suffering from the same HIV/AIDS that took his father. We were able to insure that he was on a reliable, consistent medication regimen. While this was positive, it had a down side. While in high school, there were times Dennis was made so tired by the meds that he would wake late for school. We got him a bike to make sure that he would be at his beloved school despite the fatigue. He finished high school and then asked to go to nursing school. Thanks to his sponsor, this became possible.

He was doing very well in nursing school. But after a change in his HIV meds, he became very ill and was hospitalized. This caused him to miss taking his boards. When we arrived two summers ago, he asked to speak to us, telling us over and over that he was so sorry to have let us down by being unable to take the boards. He added that he’d be allowed to return in six months to sit for them. We assured him we felt nothing but pride in him. His illness was of course beyond his control. Further, we believed in him, knowing that he would pass his boards. And pass them he did. It does not get better than this.

Oh, and notice that when he delivers babies he wears a birthday hat!


Thanks to Aaron We’re Getting Terrific Support From Kentucky

We need to offer great thanks to Jockey Aaron Gryder (co-founder of The Giving Circle), to Kentucky Downs, and to this year’s Triple Crown winning Jockey, Mike Smith. The Giving Circle is included as a beneficiary from a terrific fund raising event next week. The wonderful part of this news is that a major share of the proceeds will be given to The Giving Circle.

Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith will make his first post-Derby trip to Kentucky Downs Thursday, Sept. 6. While he won’t be riding, he will be raising money for three charities: Old Friends equine retirement facility, the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, and The Giving Circle. They are billing us as an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They also describe us as seeking to connect communities in need with the resources to help.

From 1 -3pm, Smith will sign limited edition 18×24-inch Coady Photography prints of Justify’s Kentucky Derby victory for a suggested $10 donation. The autograph session, from which the proceeds will be split among the three charities, will take place near the Finish Line Pavilion. Folks will have the opportunity to hang out with a racing icon and raise money for great causes!  They should then stay and watch the $250K Old Friends Stakes, sponsored by Red Brand Fence.

We Really Need You Now

So many of you have been so kind. BUT if you’ve waiting for the best first time to donate to The Giving Circle, NOW is the TIME!

As always, we are 100% volunteer and therefore offer a great return – $.90 of every dollar received is spent on our programs. You will be contributing to an absolutely sound and responsible organization.

The reason that the TIME is NOW is because of a real emergency. You’ve certainly read in our posts about our urgent new demand for resources. We need $75,000 to build a residence to expand KoiKoi House, our current orphanage in Uganda.  That nation’s government is shutting down orphanages, putting us in a race to fund and erect Robin’s Nest.  Robin’s Nest will house fifty children, stand as a boarding house (exempting it from the “orphanage” classification), and permit our kids now in KoiKoi House to stay together. As a bonus, Robin’s Nest is designed to accommodate many deaf and disabled children. Yet, that $75,000 is a daunting figure.


We have received the GREATEST NEWS: a great friend and brother just put up a challenge to help us build Robin’s Nest. His challenge is for us to raise $40,000, which he’ll match dollar for dollar. If you could help us save our children from having to split them up, PLEASE click here https://www.thegivingcircle.org/wordpress/koikoikidshome/ and donate what you can. EVERY dollar helps!!!!   The $40,000 dollar for dollar match could net enough to do the job in a hurry.

Oh, and PLEASE share this on your pages- help us help many deaf and disabled children.

From Our TGC Outreach Dinner Team: Thanks and Good Bye, CBA Squad

 Tonight we said good bye to our CBA crew! They have helped us serve up The Giving Circle Street outreach dinner all summer. We thank them for all their help and are going to miss them. Work hard and good luck this year at school! The stories they should have to share with their friends….. priceless! Thanks to their moms too for cooking, providing supplies, and hauling them back and forth. And we look forward to seeing you all next summer.


New Math and English Scholarships

We’re happy and grateful to Nancy Rowe and Kathy Rowe for our 2 NEW Scholarships.

From Nancy, a PhD professor of Math in Texas, a new Math Scholarship for EACH of our Busoga and Kagoma Gate Giving Circle Schools.

From Kathy, a PhD English Professor, a Scholarship in English.

Each Scholarship pays for the 1st year in the child’s high school. Thanks so much to you both. These and all our Scholarships mean a great deal to the children and their families.

Help us build a new home for the Koi Koi Kids!

Our Koi Koi Kids need you now more than ever! We just learned that the Koi Koi House is scheduled to be shut down by the government, not for safety or health reasons, but sadly for political reasons. We need to raise just $75,000 to build a big new home for our kids (and even more disabled and deaf orphans) so they won’t be separated and placed in uncertain and unsafe living conditions.  

In 2009, the Giving Circle Africa started an orphanage called the Koi Koi House. We started with our first 11, that became 12, and now 20 children — all are doing so well and have overcome many of the traumas they faced over their short lifetimes.  They are happy, thriving and live in a safe and loving environment and we must ensure that continues. We cannot and will not allow these children to be traumatized once again.

Our fear and challenge is that we must scramble to find safe places for the children until we raise the funds.   This will not be easy, and one again they will be separated so we need to start building RIGHT NOW!

We need your help to once again save our Koi Koi kids and the many other children for generations to come, who will call the Koi Koi House….home.

We already have the land! The new and expanded Koi Koi House will be built on land at our Busoga School which will enable us to use it as a boarding house, saving our growing Koi Koi Kids family and making a home for the deaf and disabled children that attend the school  This will be a safe and loving boarding house that will provide so many children a home.

The new Koi Koi House will overlook Lake Victoria and have a full time live-in nurse, larger separate boarding rooms that are all safe, clean and healthy for our sons and daughters.  It will be a sanctuary to any child that needs to be safe, healthy, happy and loved.

We need $75,000 and we need it now!  This new expanded Koi Koi House can house as many as 50 children.  That’s only $1,500 per child to give them a better life and the love and safety they deserve.  We can and must do this, too may children are depending on us.  Give what you can, tell a friend and help us change the world. Every donors name will appear on the wall of love to thank you all and let the children know they are loved around the world.

The Robin’s Nest Koi Koi House


The new Robin’s Nest will have a full time live in nurse and 2 large boarding rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. All safe, clean, and healthy rooms for our sons and daughters.


This new, much larger home, will be built at the top of our Busoga School compound property and will have a full view of Lake Victoria.   It will be forever home to any child that needs to be safe, healthy, happy and loved.

We need $75,000.  We need many people doing just what they can which can and will change the world. We can and must do this.

Every donor name will appear on the wall of love to thank you all.

If you prefer to not use PayPal and want to send a check, please send to the below and write in the memo “Help the Koi Kids” to:
The Giving Circle
P.O. Box 3162 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866