Koi Koi University Is Open

The inaugural Koi Koi University training conference is underway in Jinja. This free three-year program will result in advanced certificates for these 80 Ugandan teachers.

A few TGCA Updates!

Our amazing US teachers team have arrived in Uganda. Our 2nd annual teachers conference starts this Monday.  This will be a most amazing event!

Also, enjoy our deaf and disabled children singing & dancing!

Ok on line. You will love this video of our The Giving Circle deaf children dancing and laughing. Bad news is our team of teachers are stuck in Togo right now.

Posted by Mark Bertrand on Saturday, February 16, 2019


The Giving Circle Koi Koi house construction, sewing guild making this years new uniforms for Busoga and Kagoma Gate schools and lastly, Moses at his desk at our new TGC-A office!

Mission Accomplished

Get a gander at another great local job completed by The Giving Circle and the huge smiles that result. New door, new handrails and a happy smile. Great job done by Chris Bennett and Beau Stallard

Kagoma Gate and Busoga Schools Pass 100%

OK, more great news. National exam scores are in for both our schools. ALL our kids at Busoga and Kagoma Gate passed. As a nation, 70% of Ugandan children drop out of school in their primary years mostly due to the inability to pass the national P7 exam. Just eight years ago, the villagers could not read, write, spell, or do simple math. And most spoke no English.

But look at scores for the students at our Kagoma Gate and Busoga Schools. 100% passed! This is success seems unreal in a country where most schools manage to pass only about 30% of their children. BOTH our schools managed 100% success rates. It just does not get better than this.
Two Schools – 100% – Two Years in a row.
Congrats to all the students and teachers And special thanks to our leadership team: Moses Wambi, Emma Walubi, Cecilia Kagya, and Lydia Koire.

Two of Our Kids are Graduating With Bachelor Degrees

This is such a great post. Let’s publish it in Moses’ own words.:

Tomorrow is a great day in our history as an organization. Proscovia Nakiranda is graduating courtesy of the sponsorship program thanks to her sponsors the Siragusa Family. Alison, Thomas, Courtney Siragusa

She graduates with a bachelors of social work and social development. Proscovia was an orphan, living in a church hall for years. l wish the poor mother was still around to witness this milestone!


Nekesa Brenda is another who is graduating with a bachelors of journalism and mass communication. She is among the other kids we initially supported as a family.

Double double!!!

Long live TGC-A!

Project in Albany to Help Elderly Disabled Woman: Some Skilles Needed

This coming Saturday, we have a LOCAL PROJECT opportunity in Albany .  An elderly disabled woman needs to have a door and grab bars installed.

Chris Bennett is the lead.  He needs just two (2) volunteers with some skills.  Again,  the work is scheduled for Saturday, January 19.  Contact Chris at 518-879-5239 for more details and/or to sign up.

Time to Think About Uganda Trip

It’s that time again! We need to start planning The Giving Circle  Summer 2019 team trip to our Ugandan projects and family. As usual, we’ll be going in early July.

If you are in any way considering making the trip with us or want more information, please email us at mark@thegivingcircle.org.


More Chess Talk

Mark says:

I need to talk about our amazing chess success again. Our Busoga Chess team finished second in a large event. The team included Ashiraf Naminya, one of our deaf students!!! Before we started our programs for the deaf and disabled, he was one more child thrown away. It was believed that these kids could not be educated. And just to prove everybody wrong, he plays on our chess team that won second place in a major event! Pure joy.