Building Projects in Uganda Take Shape

As lockdown restrictions in Uganda ease, work has resumed at several Giving Circle projects that will improve education and healthcare in the villages we serve.

At Mutai, an impoverished village, not far from Kagoma Gate, work has resumed at a new medical clinic made possible by the generosity of the Mitzen family and the good folks at Fingerpaint. In addition, Walubi Emma’s crew has completed a new latrine that will improve sanitation and, hopefully, end illnesses such as diarrhea. Meanwhile, work is ongoing on a new bore holes that will help ensure clean drinking water for the people of Mutai. The new wells are being funded by the incredible generosity of the Bobear Family Foundation.

Perhaps most exciting at Mutai — at least for the children — will be construction of a new playground, the first many of these children have ever seen.

Meanwhile, at Kagoma Gate, Emma and his crew are also finishing work on a safety wall around the Busoga School and Koi Koi House orphanage; and on expanding the school buildings to make them larger and handicap accessible.

This progress is made possible by all of you who have used your own personal funds to help create better lives for our friends in Uganda.

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