Kaddu reporting for school!

This will make you feel good – just look at how happy Kaddu is “reporting for school”. Kaddu is part of TGCA deaf & disabled program at our Busoga School.


TGCA Farming!

We cannot tell you how happy we are: this is our large farm!  Last year we saw a 9 month drought and 2 full planting cycles of corn on this land fail.
Moses decided to planting a drought-resistant cassava crop and we partnered with an agricultural university who developed a disease-resistant1, high-yielding variety called “Naro cas1”.

We are providing food security for our beloved Ugandan family.  In addition, there is an income from this as TGCA is now a supplier of this new disease-resistant, high yielding variety “Naro cas1”, selling its cuttings to other farmers.

All we do is built on sustainability, on self sustainability!

GREAT JOB Moses Wambi
LONG LIVE The Giving Circle /TGCA

TGC WeGive2Trucks: Helping Texas & Florida

Here we go all, lets get this party started!   PLEASE SHARE this far and wide!  Consider your Schools, Clubs, Churches and Businesses to help coordinate drives for items on this list.

So many families in Texas have lost everything and so many in Florida (and wider) are about to.  Lets show them what the great north east can do!!

NOTE: for our friends around the country and around the world, if you would like to help by donating on this list please consider sending gift cards.  These will be given to families to be able to use for anything they need including parents to buy toys and personal items for their children who lost everything. Gift cards from Target, Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot for building supplies are also needed.  You can mail them to:  The Giving Circle, P.O Box 3162, Saratoga Springs, NY  12866.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Robin Dalton at daltonrobin@gmail.com or Ann Fantauzzi at annfantauzzi77@gmail.com.




Update on Texas today!

Hello all, a very quick update. Hurricane Harvey is very much like Hurricane Sandy was. Some areas had tons of rain / water but it quickly drained off, while other areas got nothing.  And, then there are some areas which look much more like the devastation of  Hurricane Katrina where whole areas have profound damage or are just gone.

As the first steps yesterday, we were able to make arrangements with a wonderful Pastor and his wife, who will establish a volunteer center at their church. Pastor Paul Lambert and his wife along with their Clear Point Church congregation in Pasadena, TX.  This we will help in establishing a location for volunteers and support the truck that we will load and send to Texas. This will be our home base for the volunteer teams.

A good deal of gutting is underway already, where it can be done.  Some areas are not open yet.  While we will be doing more rebuilding beginning in a few weeks, I will immediately look to build a small gutting team, of 5-7 people, to get down here VERY SOON – as early as next week.   With the heat and humidity, these homes which have not been gutted need to be gutted fast.

If you are interested in this first volunteer team, working with SGS, we will arrange for flights to TX.  SGS will have an SGS team member who will handle all our travel to the locations where we will work.

Email mark@thegivingcircle.org if you want to travel in this first wave.  We are thinking it will take 5 days or so.

Lets show Texas what The Giving Circle family can do!

Also as soon as Mark is back, he will distribute a list which we need to fill our truck and get it on its way down.

Thank you for your interest and support!

SAVE THE DATE!!   The Giving Circle’s 2017 Giving Circle Compassion Awards


WHEN:November 9, 2017

WHERE: The beautiful Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, NY




PLEASE join us for a FUN night and to honor this years winners to be announced VERY soon.
Catered by the amazing Kim Klopstock‘s Lily and the Rose!

2017 compassion awards to be announced:

  • Local Individual Resident
  • Local Business
  • Local Non-Profit
  • The Founders Award
  • The Courage Award

TGC team awards to be announced:

  • The Serge Shishik Memorijal Local Team Member of the Year
  • TGC Uganda Individual Team member of the Year
  • TGC Uganda-based Individual Member of the Year

An outpouring of love: TGC, SGS & Hurricane Harvey

As we continue to prepare for our trip(s) to help our friends/family in Houston (Texas), we are over joyed at the out pouring of offers to join the teams and/or help in some way.

We are so very happy, but not surprised, that some or the very first offers to be there to help were from our family in Waveland/Bay St Louis Mississippi!  These are the very people who, 12 years ago, lost everything and we then did what we are about to do for new friends in Texas.

THAT is what The Giving Circle is, an ever expanding circle of compassion.

Look for updates: Mark will be flying down soon to start the ground work with SGS to make ready a volunteer center and start compiling a scope of work, seeing just how bad it is and what we need to do.  Stay tuned!