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TGCA Team Coming Home!

Today is always a hard day, its the day we leave. Its been an amazing trip, with amazing team, Ann Lamoreaux Fantauzzi, Bill Reilly , Lourds Lane and Dr Manny Cirenza to spend almost 3 weeks with our amazing African based Giving Circle team/family Moses Wambi Emma Walubi Cecilia Kagya, Mwesigwa Paul Kisitu Yassin Elizabeth, Sangrao, Peter, all our teachers and staff and all of the Ugandan family we thanks to so many of you, we serve.

The advances we are making, the lives we are improving, bringing all the things that bring such great hope to beautiful people.

EVERY single thing we do, everything we accomplish is 100% because of all of you who help us make this happen.

We are at the Koi Koi House with our sons and daughters right now, but Its time to head to the airport for 2 very long flights. While we can dust off some of the red dust from our clothing and shoes you can never shake from your heart our Ugandan family.

As always a HUGE thank you to Moses and Cecilia for always having my bedroom ready at my home away from home at their home. My time with them and their children is pure love.

Next stop Entebbe, then Amsterdam then on to Boston then home to my love Kelly Mommakoikoi Bertrand!


Updates and enjoyment in Uganda!

Some enjoyment….


The trip is winding down, just a few days left until the team leaves Uganda, our projects and our beloved Ugandan family.
Today was back to Kagoma Gate, though we VERY missed Ann who was a bit under the weather so stayed back for some rest and Dr Manny Cirenza was spending the day at the AOET clinic.

Part 1- Continuing construction on the last of the class blocks, this the 2 class room great hall that with GREAT thanks to Fingerpaint Marketing we can now complete.

Wall cement coatings being applied. The window frames and doors have been completed at the welders and will be delivered to Kagoma to start being installed Friday.

Thank you Bo Signoracci Goliber!!

16903174_10212176949118117_3624731452869766640_o 17015837_10212176955398274_7627477568499572685_o 17015646_10212176939557878_6694003119351203138_o 17039311_10212176918597354_207810965609120944_o 17038488_10212176916397299_2138121367301262695_o 16904846_10212176898676856_2598738969630729146_o 16904630_10212176896476801_8091422483691637538_o 17039329_10212176901276921_1106072002016674589_o 17015875_10212176895156768_4758376696416692195_o 17038932_10212176893236720_2330179544671264120_o 16991878_10212176891156668_6690552143555282695_o 17017017_10212178670361147_758222436223396300_o 16991962_10212178669961137_5041990211001128410_o 17039394_10212178669761132_6997752874487505769_o 17039417_10212178668521101_3019395508195369336_o 17038620_10212178667721081_5468130350403085081_o


Deaf student hearing tests and more…

Today will be spent at our Busoga school with Lourds teaching the students then staff. Dr Manny and Ann screening our deaf classes/ students.  Bill will also for the last day this trip be doing what he does so very well, teaching, inspiring!

Later today MosesKisitu Yassin and I will head out to the Entebbe airport with Bill for his flight home and back to school at Bethlehem Middle School.

I and the whole team here greatly so including the teaching staffs at both our schools are so very grateful for this amazing most kind and loving man. His dedication to the work we do, to the children we serve and children everywhere and their education is astounding.

Bill Reilly my brother thank you for all you do and all you did on this trip, you are loved by so many. Your heart is of solid gold, dancing a bit off but heart pure GOLD. Click here!

16992068_10212148649170636_4626535378100112700_o 17015797_10212148650090659_3495173428036475997_o 17016886_10212148648490619_4184583080677307413_o 16992411_10212149458430867_6353504717788798932_o

We have the most amazing news!  We have started the hearing clinic with our deaf children at Busoga School. We set a goal a hope, a prayer we could get just ONE that has some hearing, with this we could seek out hearing aids.
We set this goal knowing chances would not be great, but we may just have one.

The very first child is brought to us Sserungo Hussien, and he heard!!!  Stay tuned!



More, more, more…

What a great day yesterday. We were always moving in a direction south towards Entebbe airport to pick up Lourds for her arrival at 10:30pm and she is here and safe and sound AND VERY excited.

1-Mark’s day started, as always, at Moses and Cecilia home, with Moses and Mark in their long talks over tea and breakfast . We were visited by Kawanga Paul, a young man who has been in our sponsorship program since he was very small. He came to report he has scored so well in his high school national exams and can and will move to university with a goal of being a lawyer, our first lawyer!
2- Next to Mukono with AnnBill and the team where 5 of our oldest Koi Koi kids attend high school (beaming with love and pride).  We visited our children to find them looking so good, happy and working so hard with very good grades.
3- Next stop;  Kampala to meet with our great friend and star(s) of the Disney Movie, The Queen of Katwe,  Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi!
4- Last stop: Entebbe Airport to pick up our new family member  and the amazing  Lourds Lane!

Tonight back to Entebbe airport to pick up Manny Cirenza!

16825980_10212131725907565_4548429480317099508_o 16825939_10212131716067319_7443085267919352005_o 16992070_10212131714427278_7056702458011044294_o 16992315_10212131714827288_7550035725257996319_o 16991960_10212131715467304_2981042083273937026_o 16825879_10212131715827313_2287330683887889093_o 16991941_10212131725587557_3435044278863885722_o 16992432_10212131713947266_5425949331822005532_o

More updates & pics from uganda….

It’s tough keeping up with the team updates!  Things are going strong there!

New books for the p6 and p7 classes at Kagoma Gate. the magic maps to freedom!

16903472_10212122875886320_7612547506449115264_o 16904610_10212122875526311_2368856438190539739_o 16804051_10212122874726291_5591168152231511333_o 16835779_10212122873806268_4264573746502599020_o 16836621_10212122873566262_839470156977087360_o 16836374_10212122870726191_4194279590014342634_o 16804312_10212122872646239_9195511870360884945_o 16836085_10212122870446184_4514169618274817286_o


Bo Signoracci Goliber please share the building is progressing so well, thank you and Ed and everyone at Finger Paint. Click here!

16797046_10212122818044874_2245736767753865234_o 16836109_10212122816524836_5111639569854032734_o 16825738_10212122815244804_3184683473578652607_o 16819323_10212122811284705_2219331187624752182_o 16836128_10212122809764667_21712271228807496_o 16836084_10212122803804518_1068428306786423904_o 16836361_10212122803564512_2752791330557723303_o 16904996_10212122801444459_5155963376247798443_o

16836463_10212122780443934_6864416361818758637_o 16804376_10212122784364032_5276413506868168581_o 16991880_10212122782603988_2944996903621831172_o 16903236_10212122783404008_6766946127422845236_o 16836661_10212122779163902_7440109126751460448_o 16804107_10212122779563912_8550832081584791187_o 16904616_10212122763203503_192834193446721270_o 16903165_10212122762883495_2614774769405218183_o 16826041_10212122779123901_5247163556817838682_o 16991714_10212122762083475_5996988301308204121_o

More Uganda Updates!

The programs at our Busoga school for the deaf and disabled are beyond words, what these are doing for children before forgotten is pure joy. EVERY child, every being, should receive a chance to blossom and thrive.

With your help we can keep this growing and able to welcome more children. Click here!

GREAT NEWS!! today it rained!!! Not long enough but it did and the water harvesting system worked, tank started to fill and give water. Does not get better than this! Click here!

Dateline: Kagoma Gate Village. Yes Bill Reilly this really did happen! Click here!

We want to thank so many of the teachers and students of the Global Coaltion who contributed their art to last years art auction. This paid for the great science equipment that we were able to purchase for Uganda. These are some of the faces of the students who are benefiting from this group effort.

16835798_1915463335350224_3733271137148724700_o 16797570_1915463292016895_5356547333956358969_o 16700552_1915463175350240_937828148557188653_o 16835889_1915463198683571_3538462435940633495_o

This year we saw 3 more Koi Koi daughters make it to high school, it called for a special meal. Sadly, Kasifa became more and more sick with malaria. After the meal we returned Doreen and Afuwa to school and gave Kasifa malaria treatment bringing her home to the Koi Koi house for the night. she is much better now though.

16804247_10212108424005032_2451978221277000513_o 16804401_10212108422524995_6497729042500719407_o 16665240_10212108421924980_829660171192000923_o 16797384_10212108425885079_7643457803952779224_o 16836262_10212108424965056_6462081764766320434_o 16826096_10212108426765101_8435976021113431008_o

With all of our older Koi Koi Kids away at high-school was a good time for scrabble!!

16797849_10212108381003957_1449315698547928007_o 16835844_10212108386564096_8132948286948234842_o 16836046_10212108385924080_6011592452741571743_o 16836420_10212108385444068_1952624472962327207_o 16904656_10212108384444043_1264760966032079101_o 16836137_10212108383844028_7490045137698625510_o 16903273_10212108383324015_2067869093648307010_o

Moses & Cecelia’s kids looking SMART!

16797724_10212108355523320_794648335962136688_o 16836087_10212108354483294_5484207642568657321_o 16903562_10212108355603322_133790584880362927_o

Aaron Gryder and Natalie Grunnan your concert this summer is bring joy for generations.

 16825854_10212117233785271_2905673846313095379_o 16797192_10212108289801677_4032624244577918421_o 16836301_10212108287441618_7417011562970027341_o 16835857_10212108290721700_8006521302495993836_o

Please meet Kagoma Gate Village’s FIRST candidate class.
I know I often say something is amazing, pure beauty I have another one you must admit is most amazing, something people said would never happen for a village that was referred to as the forgotten village the forgotten people.

At the end of the school year these children will sit for their national exam for the first time and I KNOW we will have the very first high school students. Click here!

Construction on the 2nd latrine building is complete greatly improving sanitation. Once again Emma great designs and work and thank you to all who helped us make this happen.


Bill Reilly and Ann Lamoreaux Fantauzzi are spending a great deal of time on this trip training our teachers at Busoga and Kagoma Gate with new skills and tools with the goal of making our 2 schools the very best they can be for these children. These teachers are amazing, dedicated and always seeking more skills to help their students.
While Bill was demonstrating the many lessons and educational items he brought Ann was teaching scrabble to the staff.

Educational games like scrabble and Chess/ MiniChess Marisa Vd Merwe can be a great key to better education for these beautiful children.
This summer we will hold an inner school scrabble and Chess tourney. Next year and years after the goal is a district wide scrabble tournament with all local schools to be healed at our Busoga school.

Our great staff at both schools and Moses vision, dedication and your love and support will bring our schools to the very top of schools in Uganda giving each child the greatest chance and hope in life.


This is pure beauty, this is the greatest example of why we all do what we do, what so many of you who may never be here in person to see.
This is a video of our deaf class. Please watch after one year, less for some of the children watch them speak/ sign to each other. These are “throwaway” children never before educated because no programs existed for them.
Watch with pure joy their joy. As I write this I am surrounded by them laughing filled with bliss seeing themselves for the first time.
We now have 3 most amazing deaf teachers including the wonderful Gumisiriza Chris.
This year we added more deaf and disabled students, we need to open our hearts and doors to all. Let NO child not know the joy of education, friendship and play they know at our Busoga school because of so many of YOU! CLICK HERE!

Hunger- drought -farming-crop & livestock raising. Uganda and much of Africa is in the middle of a very bad drought. Just last night we heard a report to the north and South Sudan is fearing the death of 100,000 due to hunger/ starvation.
Our goal with all our projects is sustainability and self sustainability below is pictures of our 17 acre farm also our pigs and rabbits.
It has been so dry so little rain, almost zero over the last 8 months that our last crop cycle of corn failed. For this reason Moses has decided to plant cassava which is much more drought resistant. Mixed with the cassava will be planted beans.
Much of the cassava harvest which will be sold to buy much needed corn.

This summer we will install hydroponics and fish farming in the greenhouse at our Busoga school.

16903267_10212106740562947_8972717059649807782_o 16903196_10212106737842879_1013043688821741765_o 16797891_10212106707602123_7091654319416162143_o 16836006_10212106696801853_322951319187924936_o 16804192_10212106694241789_1538124910097122521_o

On the 20th we celebrated a most special day at our Busoga school, the celebration to honor the 27 students who passed their national exams allowing them to move to high school. Part 1. We are so excited and even more so proud that every child who took the national exam PASSED.
2 we are most proud were the top scorers in the district, with Kaboya Mark scoring an amazing 7 aggregate and Musoko Iyan an 8.
I sat at event with the 2 son’s ( princes) of the King of Busoga and also the chief of Busoga. They were so amazed, so proud and so grateful to TGC/TGCA and all of you who make what we do a reality.

Part of this celebration was the awarding to 2 special now annual scholarships. Meet Kaboya Mark who’s sponsor is Danielle Thorpe, Kaboya Mark was the winner of the first annual Scott Hudson Science Scholarship Award. This award of 1.75 million shillings, $500usd will pay all Mark’s costs for his first year of high school.
I can not express to you the joy and amazement this brought. CLICK HERE!

at our Busoga school, the celebration to honor the 27 students who passed their national exams allowing them to move to high school. Part 1. We are so excited and even more so proud that every child who took the national exam PASSED.
2 we are most proud were the top scorers in the district, with Kaboya Mark scoring an amazing 7 aggregate and Musoko Iyan an 8.
I sat at event with the 2 son’s ( princes) of the King of Busoga and also the chief of Busoga. They were so amazed, so proud and so grateful to TGC/TGCA and all of you who make what we do a reality.

The 2nd Scholarship Kelly Mommakoikoi, Azurah and I are very proud of Musoko Iyan is the winner of Mubiru Andrew Memorial Scholarship award given to the most improved student who also demonstrates acts of compassion. This Scholarship Kelly MommakoikoiAzurah and I gift this in the name of our son Mubiru Andrew who we lost to sickle cell anemia Musoko Iyan scored an amazing EIGHT. This award of 1.75 million shillings, $500usd will pay all Musoko Iyan’s costs for his first year of high school.
I can not express to you the joy and amazement this brought.  CLICK HERE!

16831961_10212106766963607_5747486007320089910_n 16905037_10212106756483345_1367370213005751825_o



Updates on the mini-team trip to Uganda

With great thanks to Fingerpaint and Bo Signoracci Goliber construction is well underway on the walls of the 6th & 7th grade class room block. Walls will soon be complete windows and doors soon to be installed!

16797045_10212099151133216_412032470555459517_o 16819195_10212099275776332_4316661149730089103_o 16797836_10212099273896285_7188023865459927050_o 16797927_10212099272256244_579995841058570396_o 16903292_10212099258575902_6859630190891564206_o 16804391_10212099166693605_610751583864282605_o16903402_10212101153863283_7879893175352499646_o


Here are 3 of our youngest Koi Koi Kids including, of course, the queen of the world: Veronica, jumping for joy! We can’t wait until the 26th when her new arm is put on!!!

16797034_10212098709922186_3573612145557707385_o  16402695_10211914837765497_3621061323908831514_o

A great surprise and honor today as we officially were to dedicate the opening of the official branch of our Koikoi U’Rafiki Saving and micro loan bank!  Mark was so happy and red-faced to find a surprise when the plaque was uncovered.

Then it was on to a wonderful cake, party and meal at Moses and Cecilia‘s home (also celebrating Mark’s birthday) AND Keturah was home from boarding school!



16864945_10212090626360102_4850817203808808884_n 16864590_10212090624920066_4455221266202342442_n 16865040_10212090624360052_5747217543721013036_n 16649562_10212090615639834_5940252816800507758_n16832054_10212090627160122_7248964071536517950_n

AND, this is what happens with Giving Circle Volunteers come to Uganda:


Washington State University Tri-Cities Engineering Students Partnership!

We would like to thank a long time friend, great supporter and member of TGCA family: Professor Scott Hudson.

Scott and his electrical engineering students of Washington State University Tri-Cities are helping us with not one, but TWO amazing projects (gifts) for our Ugandan school.  One is the gift of solar and the second is the gift of sustainable food.

AT KAGOMA GATE: will be an incredible solar system on the 2-classroom block (seen in picture below) which our Friends at Fingerpaint Marketing have just donated the funds for us to complete.


This 2-classroom block serves as class rooms, village church, village meeting hall, place of celebrations and more. Now, thanks to this solar system, they will have good light well into the night.

16195267_10211756318482614_2402451711232108559_n  16002991_10211755140613168_644699087214226436_n

AT BUSOGA: This is an amazing project for our Busoga school.  The WSU Tri-Cities electrical engineering students are designing and building a solar power-powered aquaponic system to enable us to grow vegetables and raise fish in a self-contained, very-off-grid system which will be located in our greenhouse.


Uganda, like much of Africa, is struggling with drought yet again, as seen in this video.   This system can and will change this. In time we will expand this system and duplicate it at our Kagoma Gate school and projects.

Read about this incredible system that Professor Scott Hudson and his students have designed, constructed and will ship to Uganda this summer.  Scott will be part of our summer travel team and will install these projects during this trip.


Thank you so much Scott and all your students!!

16195529_10211756592929475_1330691107182608066_n 16143207_10211756592849473_7943076213806738464_n  16178440_10211758172088953_8647755218402666495_o   16002993_10211756592809472_7950621278882849571_n