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** SAVE THE DATE July 27, 2017 at 7PM **
This is going to be good, at the end of the film we will have a live from SKYPE Q&A with Robert Katende one of the subjects of this Disney movie the true life story:

TGCA Update – Progress!

Just one month until we fly back to our Ugandan projects for our annual summer team trip. We just received great updates from Emma and Moses.

Thanks to so many of you, we have so many important and incredible projects underway:

  • The new fence around our Kagoma Gate complex is well underway and will welcome the team when we arrive. This fence is most important and dedicated to the team of 2017.  A very big thank you to a very special and kind Giving Circle family member for this donation.   During the trip a plaque will be dedicated to the travel team of 2017 placed at the entrance of the compound.

  • The new sign post for Kagoma Gate which we will have with us when we got this summer with new sign stickers to cover over the existing sign.

  • The garden screen between the boys and girls latrine buildings. During the trip the team will plant bushes in this planter.

  • This is so important,  this is the monument for Kagoma Gate’s first villager, Mzee Galveri.  On this trip we will have a very special ceremony to dedicate a memorial garden to forever remember Kagoma Gate’s first Villager so that he may never be forgotten.

  • These are part of the new desks from Ann’s Ugandan Schoolhouse Furniture Teacher Dedication Drive.  What an amazing job Ann Lamoreaux Fantauzzi did on this and all she does for our educational programs.  Thanks to all who donated to this.

Lots more to come, thanks to all of YOU!!

International Children’s Art Auction: MAY 25th

It’s that time of year again, we love this event and what it has done for improving educational programs at our schools. Always amazing art, great people and a good time helping both our work in Uganda but also World’s Window’s work in Belize.
Great thanks always to Bill Reilly and Hilary Reilly for this and for all they do for so many in need.


Summit Clothing Company and Saratoga Central Catholic team up for the “A Sunday to Remember; Silent No More” fundraiser to benefit The Giving Circle. Profits from the fundraiser will build a school and living quarters for the deaf and disabled children in Bugembe, Uganda.

Children that are deaf or disabled in Uganda are frequently thrown away by their families or kept as servants. Our goal is to provide an education for these children and give them a shot at a bright future. The Giving Circle has built dozens of homes, a school, a medical clinic and a micro loan bank for this self sustaining community in Uganda.

For the first time in their lives, these deaf and disabled children will find a place where they are welcome; welcome with open arms. Let’s show these children we hear them and we are ready to help!

Event Details:
Venue: The Saratoga Winery, 462 NY-29, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Date: May 21, 2017, 4-8 P.M.
Details: Live Music, Catered finger foods, Raffles, Silent Auction

Kid Friendly

TGCA Schools at Chess Tourney!

We are so proud of our tournament chess teams from both TGCA Kagoma Gate and Busoga schools. They are currently competing in the 2nd day of a very important chess event!

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Uganda Updates – Nurse/Midwife Program!

The growth of our health clinic/birthing center in Kagoma has been astounding, that matched only by its results. The clinic is serving the whole village and people will walk long distances from huts located further out in the bush just to see Elizabeth.

The results: for the first  time in this village, this year, there was NOT ONE SINGLE death due to diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition or wound infection!

Because our amazing nurse, Elizabeth,  sees so many people, we are about to hire an assistant!  Please meet Emmanuel Wangadya (interestingly he was a student of Moses’ and a grad of our Busoga junior school).

For us, even better, in just a couple of months we will have another addition to our clinical team!  One of our most special boys, who has been with us from day one!  Mwesigwa Denis will graduate nursing school and become our 2nd nurse!! 😭😭😭 We all have tears of joy and pride.

Denis is the brother of Kelly and Mark’s son, Andrew, who passed away from sickle cell anemia. Denis is the perfect example of the good WE ALL have done together.  Denis was born with full blown HIV AIDS and was very sick when we first started in Uganda. Today, thanks to his sponsor, and so many of our donors, his health is very good and he is about to be a nurse!  He is the first in his family to graduate. He was the first of our sponsored children to go to college. Now, he will be back working with TGCA family…it does NOT get better then this.

The nurse-midwife program is all thanks to Hope Stevens Neikirk & Caren Cenciarini and all their friends and supporters!  Our clinic is in GREAT part thanks to the amazing members of the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County.

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2017 TGC Travel Team Fundraising Project!

The 2017 Giving Circle Summer Team’s Fundraising Projects!

A VERY generous anonymous donor has funded and dedicated in the 2017 teams name: The Giving Circle Africa’s Kagoma Gate School & Medical Clinic Compound Security Fence.  Once completed, a plaque dedicated to the team of 2017 will be mounted to the gate’s main entrance, during a naming ceremony, forever remembering the Giving Circle team of 2017.

Each year, beginning in 2017, The Giving Circle’s annual summer trip team will work together to raise the funds to help with important projects for that year.  The team will work on and be involved in these projects on that summer trip.

Below is a list of projects and activities we would like the team to help with.   This would be your project, and the money raised will be used specifically for these projects and activities during the trip.

Reach out to your friends, family, school, clubs etc. for help.  Donations can be made online or by check made out to The Giving Circle  and indicate “2017 trip project” in the memo. Please mail the check to: The Giving Circle , PO Box 3162,  Saratoga Springs,  N.Y    12866.

Please Note: This is not mandatory but we do ask everyone does their best to help

  • Kagome Gate fence: FUNDED by anonymous
  • Solar System Kagoma Gate Clinic:  FUNDED by Amya Bertrand
  • Painting of newly completed school block in Kagoma Gate: Funds needed:  $530 (On our trip, the team will paint this building)
  • 2 trees and shrubs for “THE GALVERI SQUARE” dedication for village founder Mzee Galveri: Funds needed: $50
  • Screen garden between boys and girls latrine buildings, plants, and supplies: Funds needed:  $45
  • Busoga Boarding rooms:
    • Painting: Funds needed:  $400
    • Mattresses: Funds needed: $200
  • Busoga 50’s sock hop, school and village wide, dance party: Funds needed: $300
  • Koi Koi House birthday party (MEAL, CAKE, TREATS FOR TEAM MEMBERS AND THE KOI KOI CHILDREN): Funds needed:  $400
  • Kagoma Gate Solar lighting System: FUNDED by Scott Hudson
  • Solar lighting Aquaponics system:  FUNDED by Scott Hudson
  • Jinja Women’s Prison outreach:
    • Repair sewing machines: Funds needed: $70
    • New Matrices: Funds needed:  $500
    • Bed Sheets: Funds needed:  $100
  • Repair and repainting of play grounds at our 4 playground locations: Funds needed: $500

Total for all projects is $3100 or just an average of $88 per team member!  ALL funds raised above this amount will be dedicated to our Busoga School programs for the Deaf and Special needs programs…

Let’s get going team!  If you are a friend of a travel team member, you can help!!


Summer Team Fundraising Project

100% of your donation will be used directly on this project.   Thank you for your consideration.  For additional information OR YOU WANT TO TAKE THE LEAD ON ONE OF THESE PROJECTS please contact:  Mark Bertrand

** NOTE: you may print this form out and send a check payable to The Giving Circle and mail to PO Box 3162, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (if you do not want to use PayPal).