Waveland Honors The Giving Circle

Waveland Mississippi recently installed the above sign to recognize the work of The Giving Circle and other groups to rebuild the town following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Agriculture & Farming Programs

TGCA is looking at many aspects of farming and agriculture from planting gardens, a green house project, cows, chickens, farming and other sustainable projects.

image chicksWe have begun the chicken program. They are thriving well.  We purchased 300 chicks to raise and to lay eggs. The Croiler chicken from India turns to be the best breed for our location in our Wairaka village in Uganda.  The chicks are doing well and growing.  The plan is to give each sponsored child’s family chicks to raise at their huts to produce eggs for their family.



We get our seeds from Seeds for Peace (eggplant, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, summer squash and eggplant) in order to aim for sustainability.  We have a farmer at Wairaka, Peter, and he does an amazing job with the greenhouse and gardens!

In addition we raise funds to provide cows to our school at Busoga and in the village of Wairaka.  Protein and fat are an essential part of every child’s health & development.  In Africa both protein and fats are severely lacking in children’s limited diets.

At both of our schools we seek to feed the children each day, for some the best meal they get for some many days the only meal.

In an effort to increase the protein and fats in the children’s diet we need to add milk to their diet by adding cows milk to the children’s simple porridge each morning.

Educational Chess Program

Presently Ugandan chess coach and math teacher, Robert Katende, is teaching in the Kagoma Gate School each week driving from Kampala to Kagoma Gate Village.  Students learn all the basic fundamentals of mathematics and numeracy using the chess board and pieces to count, learn, directions, numbers, addition, multiplication and other areas of numeracy.

As a result of this approach for teaching math, the students also gain a sense of the game of chess.  Skills of higher-level thinking, planning, strategy, analysis, spacial awareness and visualization are developed.  Students gain confidence in their interpersonal relationships of sportsmanship and management.

It has been demonstrated that students’ use of English improves and emotional development is nurtured.  The residual outcome of MiniChess is the ability to play the game of chess confidently.  It is the plan to have all students in the Giving Circle Africa schools of Kagoma Gate and Busoga Junior School become involved in the program from ages 5-9.

Teachers will become trained as money becomes available to do so.   Busoga Junior School presently has what we refer to as “the biggest chess board in Africa”. Funds donated to the chess fund will directly help train teachers, buy workbooks for students and supply teachers with the necessary tools for teaching.

A number of Universities in South Africa have validated the growth of the skills of students through studies of yearly progress in school readiness and spacial analysis, and numeracy.Teaching chess in our Uganda schools has been a fun way to teach logic, mathematics and problem-solving skills.

The students have enthusiastically adopted chess and become adept competitors.  Your donation will help us continue this mission and change children’s lives forever!

Donate to the chess program.