Coming Home With A New Concept

 Yesterday the team was at our land in Wairaka for the Annual Sponsorship Day lead by Kelly Mommakoikoi. Moses, Liam Rice, Victoria Los, and I went to Kagoma Gate for a meeting about a plan we will soon be ready to talk about in detail.

But for now I can tell you that we will start with four co-ops. In the village of Kagoma Gate we expect to work with the woman while the men are in the fields cutting Sugarcane. Also, near Uganda’s northern boarder, there are refugee camps housing millions who have escaped the genocides in South Sudan and the Congo. The camp we have picked is the one at which my brother from another mother, Jim Wilhite, spent the winter. The UN built a school here with USAID but bought NO books or supplies, leading to the school’s failure. However, we can use the space for our co-ops, in which we can lay the ground work for worker-owned businesses.

Without having much detail yet, you can still see the exciting prospect of these “start ups” developing into self sustaining business. The products we expect to manufacture will make you woman and even many of you fellows VERY happy. They will be made of 100% natural Ugandan botanicals and other natural teas, herbs, flowers, spices, essential oils.

ALL items will be produced in Uganda, some for use in Uganda. One item will be a candle for use in a hut or home with no mosquito nets. The candle will provide light, thus eliminating dependence on dangerous kerosene lamps which cause fires and fumes. Additionally, the candle will contain the best natural, non-toxic mosquito repellent in the world. Other items will be shipped to the States for use here. The picture at the top should give you a sense what we hope to sell.

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