Deaf student hearing tests and more…

Today will be spent at our Busoga school with Lourds teaching the students then staff. Dr Manny and Ann screening our deaf classes/ students.  Bill will also for the last day this trip be doing what he does so very well, teaching, inspiring!

Later today MosesKisitu Yassin and I will head out to the Entebbe airport with Bill for his flight home and back to school at Bethlehem Middle School.

I and the whole team here greatly so including the teaching staffs at both our schools are so very grateful for this amazing most kind and loving man. His dedication to the work we do, to the children we serve and children everywhere and their education is astounding.

Bill Reilly my brother thank you for all you do and all you did on this trip, you are loved by so many. Your heart is of solid gold, dancing a bit off but heart pure GOLD. Click here!

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We have the most amazing news!  We have started the hearing clinic with our deaf children at Busoga School. We set a goal a hope, a prayer we could get just ONE that has some hearing, with this we could seek out hearing aids.
We set this goal knowing chances would not be great, but we may just have one.

The very first child is brought to us Sserungo Hussien, and he heard!!!  Stay tuned!


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