Dennis Has Become Remarkable as a Nurse And as a Man


It’s time to brag about this young man just a bit more. When we first meet Dennis he was a VERY sick little boy suffering from the same HIV/AIDS that took his father. We were able to insure that he was on a reliable, consistent medication regimen. While this was positive, it had a down side. While in high school, there were times Dennis was made so tired by the meds that he would wake late for school. We got him a bike to make sure that he would be at his beloved school despite the fatigue. He finished high school and then asked to go to nursing school. Thanks to his sponsor, this became possible.

He was doing very well in nursing school. But after a change in his HIV meds, he became very ill and was hospitalized. This caused him to miss taking his boards. When we arrived two summers ago, he asked to speak to us, telling us over and over that he was so sorry to have let us down by being unable to take the boards. He added that he’d be allowed to return in six months to sit for them. We assured him we felt nothing but pride in him. His illness was of course beyond his control. Further, we believed in him, knowing that he would pass his boards. And pass them he did. It does not get better than this.

Oh, and notice that when he delivers babies he wears a birthday hat!


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