Disaster Relief

Helping Hands for Disaster Relief

Pallets prepared for transport to FloridaIt began with Harvey hammering Texas.  Now, we are expanding to helping Florida recover from Irma.   We have gathered an initial 2 tractor trailor loads of recovery supplies for Florida and Texas and your financial contributions help us to continue this work.

The Giving Circle has teamed with Misión Peniel, a nonprofit working with migrant workers in the southern gulf coast region. 

Their homes have all been totally destroyed and nearly all are too poor to afford flood insurance.  Our supplies will help them recover and rebuild.  Your financial contributions help cover costs and buy critically needed supplies to supplement the many donated items from local families and businesses to these families victimized by these natural disasters.

We are preparing plans for a similar response to Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean. 

Help us to continue to suport and provide supplies to families in need.  


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Disaster Relief
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