Busoga School Reconstruction

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  Mark’s shameless birthday gift/plea: HELP FINISH OUR SCHOOL!

Reconstruction on our Busoga school is well underway, but we need your help to finish.

  BEFORE (click here for video)

Classroom interiorSchool exterior



The Bugosa School serves our Wairaka and surrounding villages and starting in 2016  is home to the first of its kind: our school for deaf children.  The building that was made of  wood with dirt floor,  termite-infested and falling down IS NOW GONE!  
The new building is being built of brick and cement with real doors and windows and a concrete floor.  We will finish by resupplying them with new school books and supplies.
We are almost there.  PLEASE partner with us to finish this building and welcome our students to a new safe and healthy school.
"He who learns, teaches"  ~ African proverb



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