Ethiopia Responds Well To Homelessness


The New Prime Minister of Ethiopia has ordered the cleanup of dirt and the homeless from the streets. He decided the best way to do this was through action based on loving kindness. Yes, he believes it is proper to view the problem of homelessness through a filter shaped by love and understanding.

Homelessness is a complex issue; there is no simple answer. Mental illness, for which nobody volunteers, is a major contributing factor. Another is the abuse of drugs and alcohol, which is certainly also found among the non-homeless. Not to be too blunt, but it’s true that some of the homeless can simply be pains in the ass; but then that can be said of many of us who have homes. It is crucial to remember that even the homeless are all human, each of them someone’s child, quite possibly someone’s brother or sister, and conceivably someone’s spouse.

Let’s be clear. If Ethiopia can do this, so can we.


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