Eucalyptus Infused Candles To The Rescue


We have two important health related goals for 2019. We must 1) minimize malaria and 2) address the damage to lungs and eyes caused by kerosene and paraffin lamps used in most African homes and huts.

Malaria kills one child every thirty seconds or about 3000 children every day, totaling 1,095,000 per year.

In Africa and much of the third world, the only light to be found at night illuminating huts and homes is from kerosene and paraffin lamps. These lamps damage eyes and lungs. They also attract Malaria carrying mosquitoes. Most families in very poor villages cannot afford mosquito nets. As a result, even once the lamps are out, the mosquitoes continue their damage, spreading deadly Malaria to children.

In response to both these issues, there appears to be a single solution. Candles, produced at a price anyone can afford, would easily replace the lamps as sources of light. When infused with eucalyptus oil, the candles also repel mosquitoes.

The needed oil is extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus trees grown widely in Uganda for the wood. Therefore, the oil is most available. Producing candles infused with eucalyptus offers an income source to the women of our villages. In other words, making these candles may provide freedom from Malaria, healthier light sources, and jobs.

Stay tuned.


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