Busoga Primary School


In 2014 The Giving Circle stepped in to help a struggling Primary school. Today The Giving Circle Africa Busoga Jr. School is our main school.

Our goal in making this a Giving Circle school is to provide the best most advanced educational experience for the children of Wairaka and Busoga School.

Our goals include:

  • Improving buildings and physical infrastructure of the school.
  • Improved, advanced and cutting educational programs including new science curriculum.
  • 5 year plan for school to be testing in the top 10 % of Ugandan schools
  • First school in Uganda to institute sign language program for every classroom and student.
  • Improved water and well system. Accomplished 2014
  • Each child involved in chess education
  • Improved gardens & food raising
  • Improved staff and staff training.

Busoga Primary School Projects

Max & Milanna Orza's Kitchen Building

A most special thank you to Max & Milanna and their dad Michael Christopher Orza for all their love for the children of our Busoga primary school. Their gift of rebuilding our kitchen building will assure every child for many many years has 2 good meals each day, for many children the best and perhaps only meals they would have received.


Chicken & Livestock Buildings

Bethlehem Middle School (Delmar, NY) Chicken & egg building/ program.

This special building and program not only provides improved nutrition for the students it also serves as a living sciences classroom as part of our advanced science programs. This program also serves as a farming trade classroom.


The Leo & Olga Geoffrion heifer barn & program.

As with the Chicken & egg building this special building and program not only provides improved nutrition through the milk provided by its heifers for the students it also serves as a living sciences class room as part of our advanced science programs and farming trade classroom.

Busoga Playground


Our Busoga School is home to Africa’s largest chessboard and set.


Shoes for Students


Simple improvements can be so important.  Providing each student with a new pair of shoes both builds pride and protects their feet against common hazards.