MIdwife Project

Pregnancy and early-childhood are dangerous times in rural Ugandan villages.  It begins with poor sanitation and continues with the lack of pre-natal care.  There is seldom time to transport a difficult labor to the regional hospitals in the cities.

The Giving Circle Africa has responded to make these conditions better.  First, the Giving Circle improved sanitation by installing a new clean well and building pit latrines.

Next, the first birthing center we built was in Kagoma Gate provides and assures a clean safe location for delivery along with a trained midwife to monitor health and intervene when needed.  We hired and support (“A Party with a Purpose” fundraiser) a midwife (and RN, named Elizabeth Alikoba) to support both our villages of Kagoma Gate and Wairaka.

The Midwife Project will continue as a helping hand to The Giving Circle Africa who continue to make their lead from the local Ugandan community leaders. By working for and with the Ugandan people, The Giving Circle Africa has established loving relationships that make a sustainable difference possible.

  • Learning to use a simple ultrasound sensor.

Please help us continue to build a community of support for this project: supporting the health of women and children in need.

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