Wardak High School, Afghanistan

Children receiving school suppliesThe Wardak High School in Afghanistan has outgrown its buildings as families seek an education for their children -- particularly their young girls. With your contribution, the Giving Circle will build 3 additional classrooms and improve the existing learning space.

The Wardak High School expansion will offer a steady learning environment for 150 boys and girls who travel miles from their rural homes each day to be there. The gift of education is cherished by these children – it gives them hope for a better future for themselves and their community. Please join us in taking another step toward a peaceful and free Afghanistan by sponsoring one or more of our Giving Circle bricks and helping us build their school!

Please buy virtual bricks to help build three additional classrooms to give the youth of this valley an opportunity for a future.  The buildings will be build of locally-sourced bricks.  We need $6200 (1240 bricks) to build the classrooms and furnish them with needed supplies.




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