Good News From The Worlds Of Chess and Academia

GREAT news on two fronts!
The first concerns our chess stars.
Information is starting to come in from the Ugandan Chess Primary School National Championships.
So far we’ve only gotten news about our Kagoma Gate team. But it is sterling!
Our Kagoma Gate School finished 3rd of 11 teams!!! Check out that trophy. Plus, as individuals, the team produced FOUR champion medalist. As you can see in the photo, our group of four medalists are made up of three girls and one boy.
We’re expecting more terrific news about our Busoga School team shortly.

Academically, we have reason to crow also. And we could not be more proud.
Less than seven years ago we walked into a terribly poor village, Kagoma Gate. It was so poor that it was called the “forgotten village.” And yet in 2017 thirty-eight of this village’s children sat for the national exam for promotion onto secondary school. ALL but one passed (and she will pass this year!). In other words, in 2017 our thirty-eight students comprised the FIRST candidate class EVER from this village. To put this into context, consider that in Uganda 67% of children drop out before completing primary school. From our TGCA Kagoma Gate School, thirty eight sat/ took the national exam and all passed or will pass.
Further good academic news comes in from our Busoga school, where attendance has become the norm for school aged children. This success is documented by the fact that ALL qualified students passed the national test.
In a country where only 33% of children complete primary school, we can look to Kagoma Gate village for great success. Here, where just a few years ago there were no educational opportunities, so much has been accomplished. And our efforts in the Busoga school have been more than well rewarded. We must thank so many of you for these great reports. Please keep standing with us, there is so much more to be done. This includes a plan for our Teachers University with its new system of Collaborative Hybrid Curriculum that in time will assure that the percentage of children completing primary school will zoom towards the sky.
We are so very proud of these kids, the teaching staff, our great TGCA leadership staff, our friend Robert Katende Initiative and his trainers, and all of you who help make these dreams come true.

We need to send special thanks to one of our teachers, Peter Kutosi, for this update. It has brought a great deal of joy into an otherwise tough day.

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