Help feed our villagers!

Our rural villages in Uganda are running low on essential staples!

Hungry childThe pandemic has caused Uganda to close down most transportation and impose severe curfews to slow the spread of the virus. Anyone found outside after curfew receives severe beatings and some have been killed. With travel seriously limited, the villagers can not ship their produce to Jinja, nor can they purchase the food supplies that they don’t grow locally. Hence, they are running low on food — and what’s available to them is not nutritionally balanced.

The Giving Circle Africa (TGCA) team has found a way to buy needed food in bulk and deliver it to our villages of Kagoma Gate, Busoga, Wairaka, and Mutai. There, it will be distributed among the villagers.

Here in the USA, The Giving Circle is rushing $5,000 to TGCA to enable them to purchase and deliver the food. Can you help us replenish our funds to cover this unexpected crisis.

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