Holiday Miracle – Take 3!

Please meet the amazing Jaxson.

Jaxon2 jaxon3 jaxon4 jaxon5

This beautiful boy from the Waveland/Bay St Louis area of Mississippi where The Giving Circle got our start after Katrina (our first project Operation:  A Cajun Christmas)

Jaxon is the son of Heather and Nickolas Shults, a Purple Heart Veteran.  Jaxon suffers from several disabilities, many of which leaving him very small, weak and unable to walk.  While he can’t walk, you can surely see his wonderful smile!parents

Jaxson wants nothing more than to be like the other kids.  Especially when they get out on their bikes.  His dream is to have a hand-pedaled bike.

Well, it’s time for another TGC Holiday Miracle for a very sweet little boy.

Jaxson had his special measurements done for this special custom made bike.  This bike is made by AmTryke. Once completed, TGC will cover the costs and this little boy will SMILE and ride like the wind. Note:  this bike will greatly increase his upper body strength!

PLEASE REMEMBER:  we do we do because of ALL of you who help make this all happen!  Keep an eye out for when the bike is completed and Jaxson receives it.