Holiday Miracle – Take #4: Khloe’s Family!

Santa called and said he ne15591638_10211465006559998_3352970865218893044_oeded The Giving Circle’s help for one more Holiday Miracle before Christmas.

This one is for a very special and beautiful little girl named Khloe Grace, and the family that cares for and loves her so much.

15591276_10211465006680001_2450805504376305770_oKhloe Grace is a fighter (her story below). We were able to provide, well help Santa provided, some toys for Khloe but needed to also help the family be able to better care for Khloe and get her safely to her many medical appointments. They have a VERY long driveway which dad had to shovel by hand!  Well, no longer!  We hope this new snowblower will take some pressure off dad and mom freeing up more time to be with this little angel.

As always thank YOU to all who support The Giving Circle, it is because of YOU we are able together to do what we do.

Khloe began experiencing severe symptoms of the 5-6 cm mass engulfed in her brain stem around September, mom took her to doctors, as well as numerous hospital visits, until finally they ordered an MRI. The MRI was scheduled 3 weeks out on November 3rd.  Khloe began to get worse. Finally the day of her MRI came and doctors ran out to inform Amy and Glenn (mom & dad) about their findings, as well as prepping Khloe to be transferred to Albany Med for immediate surgery to place a lifesaving EVD in. Basically it removed about a gallon of fluid from Khloe’s brain because the tumor was blocking her brain stem. She would have not made it through the night. The other findings from the MRI were that Khloe had 10 more tumors in her brain and 10 more in her spinal cord! These tumors are the size of fingernails.

15542375_10211465013280166_4546693788723994702_nOn November 8th Khloe endured a 12-13 hr surgery to remove the kiwi-sized tumor from her brain stem.  They also had to biopsy the mass to determine what type of cancer, and to remove it so her brain stem can have a normal flow of fluids into her spine. Khloe now has to use a walker, her eyes are off-balance (she can’t focus), and she will be on seizure meds for quite some time. Khloe, mom and Glenn spent 3 more weeks in the hospital until she was well enough to go home. On December 13th Khloe started her first round of chemo. She will have to endure chemo for a year, and hopefully no radiation! The biopsy results came back, Khloe has Astrocytoma which is cancer that forms in the glial cells of the brain and spine.

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