Holiday Parties in Uganda!

Each year we put on holiday parties with lots of sweeties, music, playing games and much more for our Busoga and Kagoma Gate schools. The Kagoma Gate party involves the whole village and both schools parties also include our great teachers. We also put on a party for our Wairaka village and a party for our Koi Koi kids and lastly, one for our team.

The party for Kagoma Gate is by far the biggest celebration and the most amount of food they see all year. We also give a monetary gift to each TGCA teacher and amazing staff. ❤️🤶🎁

These are just the first parties and some pics.

Check out our Koi Koi Kids/ girls in their new dresses, and all our all our Koi Koi kids together. They are not the little kids we found and rescued them 9 years ago . The Giving Circle

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