Kagoma Gate and Busoga Schools Pass 100%

OK, more great news. National exam scores are in for both our schools. ALL our kids at Busoga and Kagoma Gate passed. As a nation, 70% of Ugandan children drop out of school in their primary years mostly due to the inability to pass the national P7 exam. Just eight years ago, the villagers could not read, write, spell, or do simple math. And most spoke no English.

But look at scores for the students at our Kagoma Gate and Busoga Schools. 100% passed! This is success seems unreal in a country where most schools manage to pass only about 30% of their children. BOTH our schools managed 100% success rates. It just does not get better than this.
Two Schools – 100% – Two Years in a row.
Congrats to all the students and teachers And special thanks to our leadership team: Moses Wambi, Emma Walubi, Cecilia Kagya, and Lydia Koire.

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