The Koi Koi Kids Need a New Home

Our Koi Koi Kids need you now more than ever! We just learned that the Koi Koi House is scheduled to be shut down by the government, not for safety or health reasons, but sadly for political reasons. We need to raise just $75,000 to build a big new home and boarding house for our kids (and even more disabled and deaf orphans) so they won’t be separated and placed in uncertain and unsafe living conditions.   This will no longer be an orphanage but a registered school boarding house!

In 2009, the Giving Circle Africa started an orphanage called the Koi Koi House. We started with our first 11, that became 12, and now 20 children — all are doing so well and have overcome many of the traumas they faced over their short lifetimes.  They are happy, thriving and live in a safe and loving environment and we must ensure that continues. We cannot and will not allow these children to be traumatized once again. 

Our fear and challenge is that we must scramble to find safe places for the children until we raise the funds.   This will not be easy, and one again they will be separated so we need to start building RIGHT NOW!

We need your help to once again save our Koi Koi kids and the many other children for generations to come, who will call the Koi Koi House….home.

We already have the land! The new and expanded Koi Koi House will be built on land at our Busoga School which will enable us to use it as a boarding house, saving our growing Koi Koi Kids family and making a home for the deaf and disabled children that attend the school  This will be a safe and loving boarding house that will provide so many children a home.

The new Koi Koi House will overlook Lake Victoria and have a full time live-in nurse, larger separate boarding rooms that are all safe, clean and healthy for our sons and daughters.  It will be a sanctuary to any child that needs to be safe, healthy, happy and loved.

We need $75,000 and we need it now!  This new expanded Koi Koi House can house as many as 50 children.  That’s only $1,500 per child to give them a better life and the love and safety they deserve.We can and must do this, too may children are depending on us.  Give what you can, tell a friend and help us change the world. Every donors name will appear on the wall of love to thank you all and let the children know they are loved around the world.


The Robin’s Nest Koi Koi House

The new Robin’s Nest will have a full time live in nurse and 2 large boarding rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. All safe, clean, and healthy rooms for our sons and daughters.


This new, much larger home, will be built at the top of our Busoga School compound property and will have a full view of Lake Victoria.   It will be forever home to any child that needs to be safe, healthy, happy and loved.

We need $75,000.  We need many people doing just what they can which can and will change the world. We can and must do this.

Every donor name will appear on the wall of love to thank you all.

If you prefer to not use PayPal and want to send a check, please send to the below and write in the memo “Help the Koi Kids” to:
The Giving Circle
P.O. Box 3162 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866