Storm Recovery

DSC_0672The Giving Circle began in response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Starting with a Cajun Christmas program, it sponsored many trips to help rebuild homes in Waveland Mississippi — the coastal town most severely damaged by the storm.

Over the years, The Giving Circle has become experts at rebuilding homes damaged by Hurricanes — particularly those of residents unserved by the larger government relief programs.  The Giving Circle worked to rebuild dozens of homes in Waveland, MS destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and also refurbished a local park by repairing playground equipment, building a community center/computer lab and a stage.  The Giving Circle also worked to rebuild homes in Staten Island after Superstorm Sandy, in Schoharie County and the Catskills after Hurricane Irene and in Iowa and Central NY after sever flooding in 2006 and 2007.

Our strategy is to wait until the first-responders have completed their work to rescue people in danger and re-establish order.  The Giving Circle then collaborates with local service agencies and groups to identify specific needs.  It first gathers and sends supplies to help local residents get started at rebuilding their lives.   In the second stage, it works with the local agencies to identify families that for various reasons are “falling through the cracks” of the larger reconstruction/recovery programs.   The Giving Circle then organizes work teams to help these families rebuild.

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