Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island


Re-insulating storm damaged homes

Following the massive coastal destruction of Hurricane Sandy, The Giving Circle scheduled several reconstruction trips to Staten Island.  Each trip began with a series of planning conversations with local support groups to identify homeowners in particular need for assistance.  For example:

One of the first families assisted a mother that was in the hospital receiving surgery for breast cancer.  The family  had no insurance and had spent all their funds on cancer care.  While she was in the hospital, the work team was able to replace all of the home’s damaged insulation, and then sheetrock the walls and install new flooring.  The Giving Circle even left her with gift cards to buy needed home supplies.

She returned from the hospital to a usable home able to endure the coming winter cold.

The Giving Circle helped many families that were impacted by the storm.  Groups of 10-15 volunteers were able to go into a gutted home and install sub-flooring, insulation, sheet rock, tape, lighting fixtures and flooring over the course of a long weekend. Many residents were shocked at how quickly the Giving Circle teams could work to restore their homes. Leaving someone with a nearly completed home gave them hope and the knowledge that things will get better and that people really do care.