Mark’s Shameless Annual Birthday Wish


The ole man

My birthday is in February… 59 big ones!

You may ask yourself: “what is the perfect gift for a guy who has it all?”   Well, I just happen to have the answer. Help me improve the living conditions for our boarding students living at our Busoga School. Many of these children are our deaf and disabled students.

Help give them a brighter, happy, more comfortable home

Your birthday gift will provide:

  • New and repaired bunks, matrices and sheets/bedding
  • New wash basins and personal care supplies inventory
  • Repaired and new personal footlockers
  • Fresh bright and happy paint of all walls.
  • Children’s and Educational posters for the walls
  • Enhanced lighting for the very dark rooms to improve life and ability to do homework

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

I will be in Africa for my birthday! Thanks for making this old man smile, but more important thank you for making our children smile!!  

Mark's 59th Birthday Wish