Mark’s Absolutely Shameless Annual Birthday Wish and it’s his BIG 61!

My birthday is in February… 61 big ones!

You may ask yourself: “what is the perfect gift for a guy who has it all?”   Well, I just happen to have the answer.

As with the last few years, I will be in Uganda for my birthday, so I’m starting my absolutely shameless annual plea early!  Yep, a full month of shameless birthday pleas, the gift helping me help our expanding Ugandan family and projects.

Last year we saw huge things accomplished and historic events which took place! For example, the teachers quarters at Kagoma Gate, a new huge KoiKoi House at our Busoga school, 100 deaf and disabled school children, and the initial steps towards the Koi Koi Teachers College (and many more!).  In 2019, we have many VERY important projects to accomplish for our Ugandan family.

This year your gift will help us to furnish the Robin’s Nest Koi Koi House/Boarding School. This will be home to over 100 children.  Depending on how many of my friends would be so kind to help make my birthday a happy one by giving this old man his favorite gift: the gift of helping others in need by donating to my Shameless Birthday Wish.

Your generous and kind birthday gifts/donations will buy bunk beds, mattresses,   foot lockers, tables, chairs, sofas, bed sheets, and so many more items to make this a safe, clean, and loving home.

Thanks you in advance for making this old man happy and my beloved Ugandan families lives a little better.

Mark's 61st Birthday Wish